My high survivabilty/high dps guide.

Here is the passive skill tree. High evasion, knock back, high resistance. Very high critical multiplier and life return % end game. Very strong, Very forgiving. Hope it helps!
Any thoughts on this build?
yeah i got one.. is this a joke? knockback???
IGN: Seze
In demonstration: monster keeps getting closer, keeps taking more and more damage, then by the time it gets to you-- you hit EXTREMELY hard then knock it back. So monsters that are too resilient to actually get killed by your "point blank" modifier have to go through the whole cycle again, or that's how I see it.
you spent like 20 points on mostly 10 str nodes making a run way to the left of the skill web and picked up 30% knockback distance and 50% crit modifier for your troubles. not particularly efficient or worth it. also, resists can be picked up on decent items so it's probably not the best idea to truck it out to no-man's-land in search of talented resists.

also, as far as i know dodge/evasion is pretty bad. most rangers are going with iron reflexes to convert evasion to armor. and then on top of that there are a few nodes that add to armor and evasion which, conveniently enough, both end up in armor.

just my observations

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