Armor, Gems, Quality Gems, 4L - for sale

please leave offers in-thread. I'll be in game later today for quite some time (out sick from work).

I'm open to any serious offers. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.



Quality Gems


White 4L
Hi !

Im interested in the Lightning Arrow. It seems that 1 alch orb is the typical price for an item like that, is that right ?

edit: ingame name: Masaev
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1 alchemy for the rapier

IGN: Dregonade
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Raylol: 1 alch is fine. I'll be on in 40ish minutes, hang tight?

Kaiserkin - sorry too low. 2.04 attack speed!
Yeah, thanks !
2 Chaos for Faster Casting

IGN HibSolo
1 gcp faster casting
IGN: TeachMePlx
5 chaos faster casting if you can do it tonight
IGN: Hobbit | | Filter:
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6 Chaos on Faster Casting

IGN: Mozzila

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