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@ Mark GGG: is there any plan on a singletarget physical spell?

I really love playing my EK Selfcaster. In contrast to the popular Critcast builds I went for max. Castspeed. Even though I'm not nearly at the max. I am happy with my 2.6 Cast/ sec EK.

Since the start of 1.0. Traps were outsourced as an own source of dmg. with own nodes on the tree, which made beartrap as a singletarget spell obsolete, since my EK does more "Singletarget" anyways.

Back at OP.:

I'd love to see a Spell which is physical and singletarget orientet WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF MAKING IT AOE.

I'm thinking of a channeled homing spell much like Incinerate or Barrage, which fires X Projectiles per second onto the targetet enemy or nearest creature if none is highlighted.


Magic Missile


Fires 3 (4,5 after leveling up) Projectiles onto one enemy.

Deals xx-yyy physical dmg. per missile.
+zz% Projectile dmg/lvl.

I'd love to hear some input of why/why not such a skillgem would be possible in a designers POV and if a singletarget cast is planned (Even in regards of balancing / PVP).

Cyclone MARA Beginners and Advanced Guide.
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why not name it "phychic b*tch slap" hmm idk having to be single target makes it so hard
Could just make a spell that has a somewhat delayed cast, auto hits (no travel time) but has fartgas/ pillar of light shoot out of the target so you know it hits (something visually pleasing with some nice sound effects) with increased stun duration/chance to stun or some other effect to make it a bit spicy. Bleeding could also make sense.
I'd just like to have an option for bosses and single rare mobs besides "spam them with your AOE nontheless".

Cyclone MARA Beginners and Advanced Guide.

Cyclone MARA Beginners and Advanced Guide.
no discussion/ comments/ ideas? Anyone?

Cyclone MARA Beginners and Advanced Guide.
... Force choke a bitch?
Donkey punch of god
Would love a single target physical spell. I enjoyed using my EK build but never touched it again since the single target damage never gets that high.

It does amazing in sub 72 maps but then gets really slow beyond that.
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