My Email Was Hacked By Other Person.,,How To Change Email..

To Technical & Account Support..sorry about this problem...plz help me to get back my account...i was play this game from closed beta...really like this problem now is : My Email Was HAck By the Others person..i cant open my i got problem to unlock my account... me to solve this problem....

Username : [Removed by Support]

now im using this email --> [Removed by Support] me.. i was lvling this account so long..n i really wanna play it....

Maurider 50++
n many more low char..

I hope u can help me to solve this problem....

P/S: i know my english suck...sorry about that..i try to learn ...

From : Killerz-x ( Fan On Heavy Grinding Game )

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you need to contact support directly via email(address in my sig or in the support link at the top of the page)
They will need to ask you questions to be sure you are the account holder.
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You should also never post your details in a public forum. It's no wonder you were hacked with security practices like that.

You should never post private details in a public way that hackers can get their hands on you. It makes you a larger target. So please edit your post and remove them. Put them in the email to Support instead.
killerzx wrote:

Username :

now im using this email -->

Okay, the password recovery address to your new email is the your old hacked email.... I really feel like you're just trolling us now.
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