Reduced Block Chance recipe

dex shield 20% quality + Puncture gem any level, I think any dex shield works.

Note: no1 wanted to buy the gem from me so thats why im posting here
wuts a dex shield?


20% penetration at lvl 1
21% penetration at lvl 2

1% pen per 4% qaulity
items shop: 364086
ign: [ICU]missuse
if you like to HLD, add me
inactive in game atm, PM me if you need something.

Thanks for that!
lllllDanziGGlllll - 100 Ranger ~ HOGM
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This is for PvP exclusively?
Stormcalling 24/7.
Nice guy, kudos!
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Worked. Awesome.
Cool, thanks for sharing it!
When I kill a man he stays dead.
Well aren't you a nice fellow, thank you.

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