disconnected from patching server before patching completed

Hey there,

Can you please go to this link - http://patchcdn.pathofexile.com/ and download the latest exe? Place this into the folder you want to install POE to and run it. Let me know how this goes.

Edit: You may want to check that your Antivirus and Firewall are not blocking Path of Exile's connection to the internet.
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Hi there,

Could you please confirm that you're still running the game as an administrator?
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In that case, I recommend going into your Path of Exile folder and looking for a file called PathOfExile.tmp. This is usually found in Program Files/Grinding Gear Games/Path of Exile.
If that file is present, remove your PathOfExile.exe file, and rename PathOfExile.tmp to be PathOfExile.exe

If this issue persists, that may be due to your antivirus/firewall settings, but that should solve the problem for now. If you continue to have any issues like this and you've confirmed your antivirus/firewall aren't causing them please let us know.
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That's the one. Looks like I was referring to an outdated resource, so I've edited my post in case others have this issue.

That will solve the problem for now, and it should be repeatable if it happens again, but as I said, it may just be an antivirus/firewall issue, so you should be able to check your permissions in those programs to ensure they aren't interfering.
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