Soloing Cruel Gravicius and Piety

In the closed beta I soloed through all 4 difficulties and some maps without much trouble with my Ice Witch. For the open beta I now run a very similar build.

But now I'm stuck on Piety in Cruel: When she changes into the fire form it takes her 3 hits to get through 800ES and 400Life at 70% Fire resist. Should I manage to evade her long enough and actually make a tiny dent in her life, she eventually summons half a gazillion mobs that bring me down in a heartbeat.

I already had trouble with Gravicius on Cruel: I burned through all my mana and half of my flasks before his Energy Shield was even halfway down.
So I joined a party and we took him down quite easily though it took some time.

Unfortunately my PC is venerable. It runs OK when I solo, but with a party it lags horribly even at 800x600.
For Gravicius that was not much of a problem, I just stood in the back and spammed Ice Spear, but that won't work on Piety because of the mobs and the area is too small to find a safe spot.

So my questions are:
Did anyone manage to kill Piety or Gravicius on Cruel solo?

Or is my Build just bad?
I beat cruel, ruthless and merciless and all I got were some maps.
XBone: the beginning of the end.
I'm not an expert on softcore builds because I know they tend to place less emphasis on surviving, but your life seems really REALLY low.

I just had a witch die today (hardcore) with 1200 life and 600 ES (level 40). Your resists seem good, and I bet your damage is fantastic, but if you're skipping every life node, you're going to be really squishy.

I think the fact is I really need a much better PC.
Definitely the lack of life nodes taken.
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You skipped all of the extra life nodes??
At least take the 2 nodes below unnatural calm for 18% life and 20 sTR

If you have trouble killing bosses make a big ass single target combo with one of your high level skills
Well in the closed beta I had Chaos Inoculation, so I'll try adding some health nodes and see how it goes.

However the problem isn't only that I die on Piety, as I said my problem started with Gravicius having a butt-load of ES that I can't get through before my mana runs out, and life nodes aren't going to fix that unfortunately.

My big ass single target combo is:
Ice Spear with cold penetration and increased Critical Strikes and a mana flask with the surgeon mod. That worked on every boss until Gravicius cruel.

And yes I already decided on buying a new PC but it's going to take weeks before I have it.

Thanks for the hints, guys.
I beat cruel, ruthless and merciless and all I got were some maps.
XBone: the beginning of the end.
Add the frostbite curse to lower its resistances even more.

Or check your build and rearrange some nodes to add more ooomph to your cold based attacks
400 hp is ultra low. I got that much on my lvl 20 shadow with just 1 hp node.
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Zalmoxis wrote:
400 hp is ultra low. I got that much on my lvl 20 shadow with just 1 hp node.
he also has 800es, what's your es?
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I have soloed them with my 900 hp 200 es templar quite easily. And yes 400 hp is too low.

- Use 4 health flasks with insta recovery when low life and 1 quicksilver flask with eva. Mana should not be an issue if you have mana regen.
- Use a portal when things are about to go bad. Just refill the flasks and go on.
- You should get cast speed with nodes and movement speed increase on boots. It helps with kiting.
- Attack piety only when she is on normal mode. Evade light balls and strikes. Just run around a little bit when she is on fire mode and hide behind a wall when she is in cold mode. Kill portals nearby.

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