Warlord's Mark bugged?

I did a forum search, and couldn't find any posts on this. Anyway, I'm playing as a level 22 duelist and recently have been trying out the Warlord's Mark curse. It's supposed to give about 3% life of physical attacks, but it seems to be doing nothing, save for he endurance and flask charges when I kill an enemy.
I realize that WM does not work for spells, or for elemental damage. I've even tried hitting cursed enemies with melee basic attack, carefully watching the numbers on my HP orb, and they don't increase when I hit. Is this a bug?
You're probably not doing enough damage. If you dealt, say, 30 physical damage, then that would leech 3% of 30, which is 0.9 - less than one life, so you wouldn't see any change.
check your regen per second and there you see your lifesteal.
Ah, I wondered if that were the case. Yeah, my duelist certainly isn't a heavy-hitter. Anyway, thanks gentlemen.
I use this curse with my mid 40s Marauder and, if surrounded by enough enemies, I can literally watch the life globe empty and fill in rapid succession as I use my sweep attack.
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^ At level 44 I can totally tell the difference in lifesteal when warlords mark is up or down. With it down and me using leapslam + life on hit I see my HP tick up a bit. When I add in warlords mark I see it go up a lot. When I add in bloodrage with all this I see my HP go instantly full if I leapslam a group of monsters.
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