WTS Abyssus, Sunblast, Snakebite, 90% spell wand, and more

Welcome to my shop, send me a message if you do not agree with my price :)

Featured items

B/O ? 77% spell dmg, 23% cold dmg, 87% crit chance (Great cold wand)

~B/O 2ex
~B/O 17c

~B/O 1ex 90% spell dmg

~B/O 20c

~B/O 15c

~B/O 15c

~B/O 6c dying breath

B/O 1ex +2 cold gem lvl, 10% crit, 56% cold dmg,

63% spell dmg, 17 cast speed, 2% life leech

77% spell dmg, 9% cold dmg, +46 cold dmg, 41 int (Good cold wand!)

B/O 3ex 250AR/350ES shield + 2 resists

B/O 3ex 320AR/320ES shield, 24 all resists, (still can use exalt)

B/O 15c

B/O 12c

B/O 15C

B/O 12c

B/O ? 2.04 aps sword ~204 pdps

B/O ? 2.01 aps sword ~210 pdps, (can ex for more dmg)

B/O 10c

B/O 2c

B/O 14ex, 86 life, all resist + tri resists.

B/O 1ex 550+ Armor helm, +2 minion lvl, 3 resists and life

B/O 5c 13% avoid shock


Nice Rings and amulet :)

offer, nice spell dmg, elemental dmg, crit mutiplier, ES


ES chest armor

680 ES 1.5 ex

620 ES 1ex = 27 chaos


No buy out, plz offer

255dps bow, 1.75 aps

~195dps 1 hand sword

50% spell dmg, 96% spell crit, 33% crit dmg, +44 fire dmg, +54 lighting dmg

300+ ES shield

Ev shield

Nice gloves

Great Quivers

Nice belt

Tri Resist + Life armor

Useful Uniques

B/O 20 chaos 799% facebreaker

B/O 2 chaos

More uniques :)

Unique Maps

Lv20/Q20 Gems

Leave your IGN and price if you are interested in the itmes :)

My IGN: UndeadKT

SOLD history

B/O 75Ex sold

B/O 8EX sold

B/O 3EX sold

B/O 2ex sold

B/O 1ex sold

B/O 20C sold as 20c

B/O 14ex, Divination flask sold as 13ex

B/O 7ex 2 more ex slots sold

B/O 3ex sold

B/O 2.5ex sold

B/O 1ex ONLY 40% perfect minion life roll, sold as 35fusing

B/O 1ex, 40% perfect minion life roll sold

B/O 22ex Legacy Aegis 13%/91%/4% sold as 20ex

14/56 MF ring B/O 5ex sold as 4ex 16c

B/O 19ex, good roll Bino sold as 18ex

B/O 1ex / 27 chaos sold

B/O 2c sold

B/O 5c 784% sold as 3c

B/O 2ex sold

B/O 2ex sold

B/O 20c 39/39 roll sold

Sold as 40c

B/O 12ex 219 pdps, mana regent sold

B/O 2ex sold

B/O 15c sold as 3 gcp 3c


Sold as 20c

B/O 1ex15c 88% spell, 17% cast speed sold

B/O 10c lightning coil sold

B/O 2ex 2.01 attack speed + 3 elemental dmg sold

B/O 20c un-ID sold

B/O 25c 1% away from perfect life roll sold

B/O 15c sold

B/O 4ex 89%/29% sold

~B/O 5ex sold

~B/O 1ex (good roll) sold as 30c

B/O 2ex sold

~B/O 8ex, 27% minion dmg sold

~B/O 65ex, 3/2 leech sold 60ex

B/O 4ex New Bringer of Rain sold

B/O 12c Belly of the Beast sold

B/O 3ex sold

B/O 1ex5c sold

~B/O 20c snakebite (UN-ID) sold

B/O 20c sold

B/O 2ex 77% spell dmg 220+ ES sold

~B/O 6ex (+1 Curse, 14% cast speed) sold as 4ex

B/O 7ex Nice amulet

B/O 7ex 23% minion damage (good roll) No longer selling

B/O 20ex hybrid AR/ES helm with good resists

B/O 140ex 533 Pdps Mirrored foil (still have the item)

Have a nice day :)
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trade updated :)
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Shav trade in for 6 link
BOR sold 8.5ex
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If you get a question, pm me online
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updated: a great belt is added on the list
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