Hey guys, im playing in the ivasion league and try my best to do so as summoner. First my build:

This build was build around Sampudrinkers summoner build from nemesis:

Auras are: grace; determ; vitality and purity of elements

Gems are at lvl 17

I bought an tabula rasa to snapshoot things.

I tried my best to figure out whats best, 6-linked zombies or 6 linked Spectres. Both are usefull.

My problem is the minion survivability. even if i use all defensiv gems: life, minion ress and stuff they are dying extremly fast vs the most new unique bosses. I mean it isnt a fight like, ok, one is down, next is down, resummon things and stuff. no, they are dead before i can even react.

I searched the forum for someome playing invasion and summoner too. Cant find a single thread about it. Is it possible to play as a summoner in the ivasion league? I really need some advices.

Thx guys!
I'm no expert, but I'll offer a couple of things which might help out.

Recently, I was running a BM/EK Scion with summons as backup skills - with support gems, but no passives. Whereas Zombies were fine for everyday fights, they only served as meat shields for the first few seconds against nasty bosses (Vaal, Piety, Dominus ...), same for Animate Guardian unless it was properly tooled for the boss (mine survived Piety, with a claw / spiked buckler / Evasion / Lightning resist combo).

For the bosses, I used Animate Weapon. I simply collected all the 2H white weapons close to my level, and unloaded the stash (a full stash page, 3 Portals to unload) for the boss fight. It worked like a charm, Dominus lasted like 15-20 seconds, didn't even need to return to town to fill up the flasks.

Caveat : It was in normal difficulty. I can't say how this scales with the levels (although I'm feeling pretty bullish about it)

Second, I remember reading a thread a few weeks back about Summon Raging Spirit - a pretty positive review on the whole. Specifically, the author mentioned that Raging spirits don't seem to have Life per se ; that they could endure a certain number of hits before dying, irrespective of the damage of the hits ; his spirits usually lasted the full duration of the skill

Both of these summons - Animate Weapon and Raging Spirit - are flying monsters. This means that in quite a lot of circumstances, they will not be targeted - for me, that explains a lot of the offensive efficiency of these summons.

So, my question is : have you tried swarming bosses with these skills ?
i made 3 summoners in invasion so far, all died, highest level was 35 i think. but it's fairly possible. (I'm just a hardcore noob, i usually play sc)

get Minion Instability, and summon skeletons and run far away from unique bosses. And for extra damage, get Punishment curse and the passive that allows for infinite duration for casted curses. Summon skeleton, run, good to go.
Does snapshotting work anymore? I read elsewhere that it's been patched?
-- Wilde

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