Dear GGG I'm going to spite fuck your mothers

I just want to say that i am honestly going to find the mothers of every member of ggg and spite fuck them. Honestly i don't care if they are alive, dead, or in a vegitative state consider them spite fucked.

You guys brought it on yourselves, and without anything to fill my day with because i can't finish one quest without being dc'd and having it roll back, i will have plenty of time to do it.

While banging your mothers i am going to make them say that you were all dissapointments and that they never truly loved you.

In an interview it was stated that you guys had servers prepared and that it didn't matter how big the release was you would be prepared for it yet almost a week later and i can't play for more than 30 minutes without getting disconnected. You also stated the game cost you 4 million to make. Maybe you could have found some room in that budget for a network security guy so that you wouldn't be DDoSed. Maybe invest in a firewall?

Some people keep using the excuse "The game is in beta". Well, i would buy that, except that you already had a beta. Also, you are allowing people to spend money on your game. If this was actually a beta, there would still be another character wipe and people would be testing the things that were supposedly working to find the bugs. I understand that nowadays beta means "Give us your money but if there are bugs it's not our fault", but it's not ok to release a fucking game in this state if that's what your doing. The worst part of it is that currently people are buying bullshit cosmetics and just proving that it really is ok for ggg to release a game in a shitty state and people will still pay them for it.

If you were worried that there was any chance of an issue with capacity than you should have handed out more beta keys in the time leading up to the release. It's not like it wasn't possible for you to do this, after all when even a thousand keys got released they were all used within an hour. Your telling me that this is the best you could do even with how long the game was in closed beta?

I'm not saying that i'm going to stop playing this game, because honestly it's pretty fun and i have nothing else that i am interested in playing for at least another month. Hell, if the game gets fixed, i'll probably even spend 60-100 dollars on this game, as that is what i would pay for a retail title if this was one. But right now this is just terrible and it really needs to be rectified.


The future step father of one of the guys who works at GGG

If i posted this in the incorrect forum, please feel free to have a mod move it.
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Nets are to Bestiary what guns are to the US. Can't get rid of them even though they're the root of all the problems, so instead you have to contort yourself around all logic coming up with weird and inexplicable measures.

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