[1.3] Sidra's Necromancing Ranger of Chaos (Poison Arrow) Videos/Atziri capable

Hi all. I have been playing a build that aside from being really fun and different, has become pretty strong, easily handling all map content without having to skip bosses and downing Atziri. I am basically done leveling, it's 95 - although I may grab another level or two. But because of how different it is from anything I've seen here I wanted to post this guide in case anyone wanted to play it.

And 1.3 buffed it yet again!. All vital stats: DPS, HP, Mana, HP and mana regen and even evasion are up!. You now have a persistent 21k DPS for over 5 seconds from firing 1 shot, while also having an effective life pool of nearly 7k! Smooth and powerful.


At it's core, this is an EB/MOM Poison Arrow Ranger. In order to keep mobs occupied as the Chaos AOE does it's work, it employs the help of Zombies and Skeletons. With Skeletons coming from a Spell Totem, you basically have a never ending supply of "meat" to throw at the enemy. The Zombies work great through most of the area or map, and the Skellys do an amazing job of drowning bosses. While they also provide secondary DPS (fully leveled zombies hit surprisingly hard) their prime role is simply to keep enemies attacking something other than you, and somewhat stationary, while your enemy's HPs drop like a rock. EB/MOM (additionally utilizing some evasion and Ondar's Guile) makes you hard to kill as well - you are not a glass cannon behind your mob wall. And it also supplies you with far more mana than you can use. Because of this, I am now running a level 15 Arctic Armor for additional defense. Saves 102 HP per fire or phys hit, and I still have 100 mana regen even while moving. But more importantly - the quality version adds 7% move speed. I don't view it as a vital part of the builds defenses, but do find it a good way to use some of the excess mana regen the build has while still keeping enough to make MoM useful.

From a healing perspective, although the build doesn't get to benefit from any life leech or LGOH, it does get some regen from the tree. In addition, it gets 20% more effectiveness from healing potions, and given the abundance of mana - Sapping prefixes make extremely effective healing potions. A sapping sanctified potion returns over 3k HP over 3 seconds.

The other nice thing about the minions in this build as that they perform their function well with only 2 nodes that required 0 travelling.

End Result is an Extremely fast and safe build, capable of safely handing most of the game's challenges, and nothing specific that you need to stress about, like reflect for some builds.


Current Gear and Links:

Auras: Grace and Clarity
Curse: Vulnerability
Arctic Armor Lv15 (105 phys/fire dmg saved)
Poison Arrow DoT (true calculated value) - 21,266

I currently (after aura reduction) have a mana pool of 1,834 and 313.4 mana/sec regen. Hps are 5,162. Evasion 10,591

Finally - the build is cheap to play, and also probably HC viable.


76 Academy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA5-zyhEiZw

Double Maze Vaal kill w/ minus max:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-zZg487xDU

Atziri: http://youtu.be/2ZGZVN4FAk0

77 Shrine Map including Piety kill: http://youtu.be/guIlt0mx3hU


I. Leveling Gear

This is a complex build, and I did not write my guide explaining a lot of mechanics - I just assumed people would take a peek at my gear and understand what's going on. If you are less experienced at the game, and given the complexity of the build...that was probably a poor assumption to make on my part. To explain gearing and what stats to look for - it's best to understand the 3 keystones.

1) Ondar's Guile. This looks at your chance to evade, and doubles it versus ranged attacks. In order for it to work - you need evasion. And the more you have the better it is. As it is also the first keystone you get - you want to start the game with evasion based gear while also running Grace.

2) Eldritch Battery. This takes all of your Energy Shield and converts it into mana, enabling a much larger mana pool than you could otherwise get. In order for it it work, though...you need Energy Shield. So while you can start with evasion only gear - once you get this keystone you want Evasion/ES gear. If you look at my gear each of my pieces of equipment, except my helm, are EV/ES. It also means that any + Energy Shield on accessories, (or +int which increases ES) is useful if you can find it

3) Mind Over Matter. This should be the very next keystone you take after Ethereal Battery. It takes that big honkin mana pool you now have - and any damage you take 30% of it will come from your mana pool (thus only 70% is coming from your HP). This is assuming you have mana there to take from. So this keystone makes two other stats extremely important: +Mana and + Mana Regeneration. Ideally (which I am not even at) you maintain a 7/3 ratio of HP/Mana which would give you the max possible effective life via a single hit. But the more mana you have up to that level the more damage against your HP you can be saved. And what happens when you get hit? You lose mana - which is why mana regenration is perhaps the builds most important stat. Because once you are hit you want to gain that mana back as fast as possible so you have as much as possible to save you from your next hit - at the same time you are using it on very expensive abilities.

So the core stuff you want to look for on gear are:

EV/ES based gear
Resistances Capped
+2 Minions on Helm
+ES +Mana +Mana Regen

Useful Unqiues:
Silverbranch can be used all of the way to 64 as long as your Poison Arrow gem is leveled appropriately for the area. Just be sure to sick your zombies on totems.

Carcass Jack is the only piece of equipment that can actually help offensively - adding a little damage and poison cloud aoe radius. It's very good for the build, and doesn't need to be a 5L as your poison arrow doesn't go in it.

Atziri's Foible (crappton of mana and mana regen) or Sidhebreath if you don't have Atziri's

For the start of the game just link Poison Arrow > Faster Projectiles. As mana and gem ownage allows add Concentrated Effect and Empower. You may need to buy a level 1 Empower and level it in your off-slot, getting level 2 at some point for early-mid endgame. Slower Projectiles and Culling Strike also add poison cloud damage and can be used with or in replace of any of the above. Increased Area of effect, while not adding damage, can also help. So you can mix and match those based on the number of links you have available to you - and availability.

And lastly - your bow. While you may not be able to afford a +2/+1, +2 (SharpShooter prefix) is a 64 mod. So, literally, all you need to do once you are 64 is pick a bow of your choice off the ground and toss a few alts on it - shouldn't take more than a few stacks you will will have yourself a a nice upgrade. Or you could just buy a +2 yellow bow at any point, a lot of which can be found very cheaply if the other stats (which are irrelevant to you) suck.

II. Leveling Trees

III. How to Scale Poison Arrow

1. Gem Level
2. Increased Chaos Damage (tree, qualitied Added Chaos,Cherrubim's Maleficence)
3. Increased Damage over time (tree)
4. Increased Projectile Damage (tree, Rearguard,Drillneck,Faster/Slower Projectiles)
5. Increased Area Damage (Concentrated Effect, Carcass Jack, tree)*
6. Increased Damage (Culling Strike, LeHeup)

* It works but does not display correctly in the tooltip

The 6 categories are right, a few of the specific examples may have slipped my mind so no guarantee it's all inclusive.

IV. How do you calculate Poison Arrow Cloud Damage?

I keep getting PM's about how I calculate Poison arrow DPS - so I will add it here, and then update it into the main post once I complete all of my 1.2 Enhancements. Also of note is that this is not some DPS shenanigans where people have LMP, and multiply their DPS by 3 or something like that. Poison Arrow's cloud tooltip does not accurately show anything with an "Area" tag into the cloud damage. This is most commonly Concentrated Effect (more) and Carcass Jack (increased). It has been verified by GGG that they do impact the cloud damage, just do not show in the tooltip. For some odd reason, since the on hit effect of Poison Arrow isn't Area damage, they cannot visibly display the secondary effect accurately. Much like Lightning Strike or Molten Strike tooltips don't display the projectile damage.

But it's easy to verify and confirm GGG's statement it works despite tooltip limitations - Concentrated Effect is so strong that the increased damage is easily visible despite no tooltip change. So what I calculate is simply how the tooltip would read if it wasn't erroneously missing any added area damage. To calculate you need:

-Current displayed tooltip DPS
-Base PA Gem damage (hover over gem while it's equipped so it has the impact of any + levels)
-missing increased area modifiers
-missing more increased area modifiers

In my current case - these are my numbers

-11,339.8 Tooltip
-2,250 Level 28 Gem Base
- 24% (12 from Carcass Jack, 12 from Blast Radius passive)
-70% (level 21 Concentrated Effect - it gets an extra level from the +1 in the bow)

The calculation is:

[(Missing Increased Modifiers x Base gem damage)+Displayed Tooltip DPS]*(1+Missing More Modifiers)

For me:


20,195.66 DPS

V. Bandit Rewards?
Normal - help Oak for HP
Cruel - kill all for skill point
Merciless - kill all for skill point

VI. What Flasks do you use?

Well rolled flasks that fill in defensive gaps are extremely important for any build's survive-ability. Because of my abundance of mana I use sapping prefixes for healing flasks - these sapping rolls are now legacy they nerfed to 40% when they released new flasks. Without the legacy sapping rolls, I'd probably use the new flasks.

- Healing/Bleed
- Healing/Freeze
- Mandatory run baby tun
- +Evasion while also giving armor
- Lightning Resist and Warding

For a long time I used a Jade instead of that Granite, but I like Granite' 2x use better, and while it doesn't give me as much added Evasion, it's a nice spike that also pops some Armor on. But it must have the Evasion roll on it. A Jade with Armor does not work since the build has no base armor for the % to scale while the Granite adds flat Armour.

All of my builds use either a Topaz or Ruby of Warding flask, and my phys crit build actually carries one of each and swaps it on depending on the map. I have chosen Topaz for this build since AA eats a little fire.

My Phys Crit Split Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/919885

My Poison Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/806913
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Updated - made a few changes and decided not to spec Minions on the tree instead choosing additional Projectile damage and hp/mana.
My Phys Crit Split Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/919885

My Poison Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/806913
Always excited to see unique builds. I would love to see a game-play video. :)
I actually had a few PM's asking to update this build which made me pretty happy. Given the lack of discussion in the thread I didn't really think anyone liked this build very much.

Tree updated to current build. The update took a few HP off due to the nerfing of the Scion Health wheel - but this update completely enhanced the amount of damage this build will be capable of. I already got a small taste as I Corrupted my Enhance (which was at level 2 and never would have reached level 3) and it got level 3. So with possible level upgrade via corruption also available to Poison Arrow and Desecrate - the potential damage needled moved up.

And then there is this:


Holy freakin heck. I am not going to recreate this build on Ambush - but if you are making it there, get that quiver, and attach Pierce in the Poison Arrow Supports. Huge damage scaling that was not possible before. A 20/20 Pierce Gem, upped to lv 21 in the bow (which I already own and can't wait 4 months to get a hold of the quiver for this char) has +75, and then 10 for the quiver - so +85% Projectile Damage increase that was not available prior. Fun Stuff.

I have also decided to level a bit and test a mid level Arctic Armor. I have so much mana regen that I can probably run it and take a little damage taken off without any other negative effects.
My Phys Crit Split Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/919885

My Poison Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/806913
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Thanks for the update! I'll give this a shot in invasion, maybe grab some more hp nodes.
Nice build, invasion lvl 32 currently everything is ok, just skipping some invaders.
Very cool. I may give this a try next time i die in invasion. LA can get old.
Hi Asidra, I am trying your build. Currently level 28 and very pleased with the results. Fun and effective.

As other players have suggested, have you considered getting the AoE node at the north of the tree near EB instead of AoE passives at the scion start? You get more increased AoE and 10% AoE damage, that I think benefits poison arrow cloud.

Another question, do you recommend playing with 2 curses with doedre's ring? Vulnerability is mandatory. As the drillneck quiver is too expensive for me, I was thinking of using temporal chains for the increased duration of poison damage.

Thx for your help!
It's funny you should bump this thread, as I have been playing a new toon on Ambush but decided to hop on SC and play this character just this morning. I want to get it from 85-90 by the end of the new leagues so it's ready and waiting for a Drillneck. I shoujld be able to do that while playing my new toon on Ambush as well.

In terms of using the tree up towards EB - that is an interesting take. Statistically, I would say it's superior to my build at this exact moment. But my next 4 nodes are going to be that health circle up by CI - which will put me over his HP, whereas he can not immediately acquire any more. Same thing with projectile damage - I am at Scion start to grab those. He is not immediately near anymore, although he can continue on the evasion circle to 12%. It's in interesting take, though, and I can't really argue against it much. He does lose 1% HP regen - which in a build that does not leech is important.

I much prefer evasion and Ondar's, with MoM cutting the damage when I am hit, to IR.

The double curse is an interesting idea, but I am not sure if needed, at least at higher levels. But adding temp chains may make leveling a little easier as the Chaos damage amps up.

One change I am considering is going straight up through Acceleration and Mental Acuity as oppposed to the arc on the side, grabbing the 12% HPS on the way (totaling 12% and 20hp more). I would also pick up 20% more mana regen and 1 extra node, at the cost of some max mana.

Edit: just noticed - but he should really get the 20% mana regen instead of 8% mana and grab Lord of the Dead at just 1 space away. Hell - that makes me think I am going to respec to his way. I was averse buffing minions via the tree, but that's a lot of buffage for only 1 node.

I am thinking this

With next nodes either proj dmg at Shadow start, or evasion and hp at ranger start.
My Phys Crit Split Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/919885

My Poison Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/806913
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