Domination/Nemesis Challenge and Race Season Six Winners

With Sacrifice of the Vaal fast approaching, this weekend saw the end of both the Domination/Nemesis challenge leagues and also our Race Season Six. Read More.

A total of 23 players completed all eight Domination/Nemesis challenges. We'll be contacting them in the following days to get their details so that we can send them their challenge shirts. Congratulations! The new Ambush and Invasion challenge leagues also contain a set of eight challenges. More information will be available later this week.

Players who completed all eight challenges were, in order:

  • SKTRain
  • pinytenis
  • vombat911
  • Artziee
  • Xtermination
  • Vecnab
  • Helman
  • WesleyCau
  • Xafniko
  • svengetspumped
  • Sadat
  • alfims
  • MollariGaming
  • sunleonid
  • best_Brolaf
  • MaidenPain
  • Fireknight
  • Bleric
  • pouu
  • reboticon
  • xIsilx
  • HegemonyTV
  • ZeroesPoe

The first people to complete each of the challenges were:

  • Kill Rare Monsters: Iamsleepless
  • Touch these Shrines: RoTaTiNgCaPs
  • Slay the Nemeses: cobaIt
  • Reach level 65: Pibadi
  • Own these Unique Items: SKTRain
  • Kill these Unique Bosses: XStinger
  • Use these Currency Items: Chadlolol
  • Items from Vendor Recipes: Sphinxlol

In addition, the following players (in alphabetical order) reached level 100 in Domination and Nemesis - congratulations!


  • FishOilsOP (SteveyGFour)
  • Flubby (FlubbyEverywhere)
  • Renne1543 (TedBroiler)
  • shuozhongwen (DanceQ)
  • Tonyg87 (Discharge)


  • FranzKafka (Rilkeisrilke)
  • Havoc6 (HvA)
  • Rheket (NewRheket)
  • Seiplo (ADigNamedDigga)
  • xInfinite (exInfinite)

The top 20 players (by season points) in Race Season Six will receive an alternate art Demigod's Touch. Two players who broke the multiple-character rules on many occasions have been excluded from this prize. The prize awarding has been adjusted for subsequent seasons to address this - check the 1.1.0 patch notes for more information next week.

The adjusted top 20 players are:

  • terrex
  • Metronomy
  • Fightgarr
  • GreatOnePoE
  • ZoRoXo
  • Morsexier
  • cobaIt
  • Kravt
  • janimauk
  • Helman
  • airways1
  • Rithz
  • boof
  • pouu
  • grindis123
  • MajorMudfish
  • slably
  • Exune
  • Darni
  • iZues

We really enjoyed watching the progress of players in both the challenge leagues and this race season. It's really gratifying to see people who worked hard win. The new challenge leagues (Ambush and Invasion) start on March 5, when Sacrifice of the Vaal is deployed.

To continue our trend of posting corrupted items in the news, here are two gems:

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Grinding Gear Games

First, woohooo

Representing Guild Astral Ascension
Mephixara // Lvl 91 Phys Tornado Ranger
Tynux // Lvl 86 DW Ground Slam Marauder
Ripheuxa // Lvl 90 KB Wander

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ign: iron_sheep
corruption everywhere!!!

also, first page!
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wow i really love those gems :D
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Awesome news!
corrupted corruption

congrats to all the winners!
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Look on my works ye mighty, and despair.

Harvest league oh you are beautiful.

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