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Takes only 10 sec.

Please take a moment to vote for my buddy Kim Soun D. Ty — one of four finalists for an award and regional recognition by the East Coast Asian American Student Union. On-line voting ends on Monday night February 10 11:59 PM EST!

Would mean a lot!
1.Scroll down.
2.Click on "VOTE" now
3. Check Kim off and Submit.

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Sorry, I have no information on the candidate or his background, and I cannot just vote for him simply because I am told to do so. I may find another competitor more suitable to vote for, and I wouldn't want to misplace my vote.
Get 2 da choppa
Trying to "buy" a win? We don't pay to win here!
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MoonYu wrote:
Trying to "buy" a win? We don't pay to win here!

Asians, They invented P2W.


I voted for Kodos

IGN: EviiLe
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