First Ever Points Sale and PoE on Amazon Digital Games

Until now, we've never discounted Point Packs. To celebrate the launch of Path of Exile on Amazon's Digital Games platform, we're cutting 15% off the price of Points Packs for one week only. Amazon offers packs of 200, 500 and 1000 points. Many people have been asking for Amazon as a payment method, and this is also an ideal opportunity to spend Amazon Gift Cards that you may have left over from Christmas. You can also buy discounted Points Packs from our site. Note that this discount only applies to packs of pure points. We aren't able to discount our other supporter packs because they provide a lot of alternate value in terms of the effects and physical shipped merchandise. Since we're not going to run Points Sales often, we'd encourage you to take advantage of this promotion while it lasts. Thanks again for your amazing support! Don't buy too many stash tabs ;)

Traditionally, it hasn't been possible to give points to friends and family who play Path of Exile. The Amazon Points Packs are redeemable codes, so feel free to gift them to friends.

There are awesome new microtransaction effects coming in the big March update. This promotion could be a good opportunity to create your own daily deal, as it were.

The promotion runs from 12:01am February 4 to 12:01am February 11 (Pacific Time). We won't be running normal Daily Deals during this week.
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So close to the first spot lol
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So that's why there's no daily deal today.

...right? You didn't just forget? :P

Arcane Weapon please : )
Dreggon wrote:
So that's why there's no daily deal today.

...right? You didn't just forget? :P

Arcane Weapon please : )

The Point Packs are discounted for a week. I think the Daily Deal not showing is a glitch. I've seen it happen once before.

Edit: Oops! Missed that last sentence. (Thanks, Alestor).
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We won't be running normal Daily Deals during this week.

Kind of sucks for those of us who coast on supporter pack points rather than buying as the deals appear. Might be a good thing for me personally though, I already have all the MTXs I currently want and just check the new deal out of habit. Maybe I can start going to sleep before 3am...
Excellent;) Get in there guys
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Dang! I just ordered my survivor pack 5 minutes before the promotion :D
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Hmm maybe?
I don't feed trolls = Ignore. RNG is like RL events buts its emulated on the game because the game is static unlike in RL which is dynamic.

this is great
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first page. I never thought I would post this kind of comment :D

Keep it up GGG

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