Is it possible to farm bosses?

I've asked multiple times in game but haven't gotten a response so I decided to give the forums a shot..

Simple question: Is boss farming a thing? Can I rerun the same areas over and over to refight bosses and farm gear?

(AKA Andarial/Duriel/Baal runs)
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Yes you can but you either have to wait the 8 to 15 minutes for the area to reset or ctrl+click on the entrance to reset the area so the boss respawns.
Some bosses you can't simply reset and you MUST wait the 8-15. Brutus for example.
as far as i know (didn´t check every boss encounter) you have to reset the location that comes before the boss to reset him. so lets say for brutus you have to make a new prison instance to respawn him. you can´t just resett the wardens chamber.
^^ is true with pretty much all bosses you cant just reset there room you need to reset the area leading up to you so for instance the area leading to Brutus/Merveil and whatnot would reset them for ya.
There are a few "semi" bosses present where you can sort of do runs on, but killing thick dense pack of mobs is much more satisfying!
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I've made a (hopefully) informed thread on this topic here:

It's only for one boss, but I'm planning on figuring out ways for other bosses as well. My Merveil runs take about 3 minutes each and there is no waiting 8 minutes for instances to reset.
You can but you have to do the whole instance. For example Brutus, you have to reset the prison, not brutus himself.
A few days ago I thought I found a (rather exploitative) way to exploit brutus mk2.

However it turns out brutus mk2 is a random spawn in lunaris floor 2, and can't be relied upon to be near the floor 2->3 transition point.
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