Divine orb rolled to next higher tier ??

So I've got these decent IIR/IIQ gloves that had the following mods (according to poebuilder) prior to divining:

Snapping: + (1-2) - (22-23) lightning damage
Fearless: + 65-82% ES
Dragon's: + 19-24% IIR
Gathering: + 9-12% IIQ
Plunder: + 6-10% IIR

The totals were Snapping 2-23 lightning / Fearless 70% ES / Dragon's 21% IIR / Gathering 11% IIQ and Plunder 6% IIR (total of 27)

as the ES and IIR rolls seemed very low it appeared that it had good odds to kick up the IIR once it was divined, and indeed it has:

However, now according to poebuilder the Plunder mod has been kicked up to the next tier of Raiding and reads the gloves as:

Snapping 1-23 lightning / Fearless 82% / Dragon's 19% / Gathering 11% IIQ / Raiding 11%

So unless poebuilder has some issue reading mods the divine was able to crank the plunder tier to the raiding tier?? I could see how it could get confused reading the separate IIR values from the prefix and suffix values, but from what I can tell it appears to be reading it fine. Notice how prior to divining it read the Dragon's as 21% and didn't assume the lowest value as it is now on the Dragon's and Raiding. I almost want to divine it again as if it truly is on dragon's / raiding then the gloves are on the lowest IIR values for those tiers -- 30 / possible 38% IIR !!???

So is poebuilder just no good for this and if so how do you know the specific tiers and values on your itmes when you have rolls that contribute to the same stat??
Sometimes a roll can fall between two prefix/suffix and it cant tell the difference. Also the divine can't change tiers.
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yeah im looking at a mods compendium spreadsheet and apparently max iir for rare gloves with both affixes is only 32 ?? so at 27 it prolly already had the two highest tiers so it was able to hit 30 ??? (and won't be able to hit 38)
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So does anyone know the max iir on gloves
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So does anyone know the max iir on gloves

32 is the maximum on gloves.


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