Ever wondered where treasure goblins escape from D3?

They open portal to Wraeclast

Someone really should make a funny troll video like it starts with a usual gameplay in D3, than the player finds a treasure goblin he can't kill in time, the goblin jumps in the portal as always, but misteriously somewhy it doesnt close and the player can enter too, and BOOM he finds himself in the Wonderful world of Wraeclast, byebye D3.
D3 treasure goblins's escape portal is an entrance to Wraeclast
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maybe they originated somewhere else, but originally i knew them from Dungeon siege, way before d3. They were exactly the same except they would steal loot as well if i recall right, rofl.
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The original treasure goblin (or at least the oldest incarnation old gamer me can trace back to) is from Golden Axe on Sega Genesis. They would appear at the end of some levels and you had to chase them around and bash them quickly before they ran away so they'd drop potions. Those potions let you use your ultimate attack, IIRC.
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