Weekend Sale - Three Special Daily Deals

We're experimenting with our first big Weekend Sale with three days of special daily deals. The first deal (which starts around 6 hours after this post) is the extremely popular Infernal Skull Helmet Effect, discounted by 39% to 135 points. The second deal (24 hours later, i.e. Saturday in most countries) is the Premium Stash Tab Bundle, discounted to 165 points. Finally, on Sunday, we're trying an entirely new type of deal. It's a 17% discount on the entire Alternate Skill Effects category of microtransactions. Thanks again for your continued support. It really helps keep the servers running and developers fed!

We're not planning to run category discounts often. This first one is an experiment and will hopefully be useful because people often want multiple different skill gem effects for several characters.

Our 1.0.6 content update is mostly finished and will be deployed next week. Have a great weekend!
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Sales sales and more sales.
IGN: Aux
A multi-sale? Awesome!
My wallet :(
This is AWESOME. I can't wait for the stash tab sale and the alternate skill effects one.
Very nice!
IGN DeCheese
You need to make these giftable on steam!

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