Cold Witch Build

Here is my cold witch build so far, im lvl 38. I am planing on Hex master, CI and Zealot aoth later and im not going for crit build for now, not until higher lvl. Should i get Power charge passive to get to the ES passive at the very left or should i just go around power charge ?
Last edited by Osarion on Jan 26, 2013 12:16:51 AM
Bump ? no one can help me ? Please ?
+30 dexterity taken looks quite odd =)
as to me it would better look like that:

I've recently made an equilibrium\oath\ES build, maybe it will be interesting
Lol, the +30 dex is neccesary for now, i will remove it when i have enough dex from gear to remove it, no biggy, it was on the path.

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