Please explain the "Make an offer" mentality...


Many of us are sick of the way trading is in this game, but that is not the point. At least it is easier with and I have used that a lot lately. Even if I find threads from June or September, as long as the item is verified I will PM the sell with the link of the shop and ask about buying.

I feel this "Make an offer" reply ruins trading.
1- you have a shop, you have an item, and you're should have a price in mind.
2- the buying market knows you have a price in mind because if we offer too low, most sellers ignore the buyer, simply say NTY (without bartering), or just dont reply. They might say "that is too low" without giving ANY INDICATION of what they are looking for.

Does your local car dealership have "make an offer" in the car windows? No! Sure we can haggle as buyers, but there is a sticker price. Does your grocery store have "make an offer" on the milk gallons? No!

I understand this is a barter economy but at the same time...THERE IS AN ECONOMY. All of the little currency adds up to equal big currency, so there is a general know value on orbs.

When you say "make an offer" we might not know what you want for it. If we offer 1-3 chaos and you want 7, tell us. Dont just "be offended" ignore the buyer or be rude with "no ty noob, learn prices." If you want 4 chaos but we offer will take it and we might be ripped off. Its hard to know the value of items and not be ripped off, but as the seller you know what you want for it. If i hand over $20 for a pound of apples, I get change back...they dont keep it.

I wish trading...and players made this a lot easier of a process.
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they try making you overpay with this tactic. Simply ignore them when they ask you for an offer and seem this kind of people.

Oftenly ppl also just dont have an idea about price so you can anyway put an offer.
Buyers and Sellers both use this tactic. They are looking for someone who is going to pay more than what its worth (or less in the case of a buyer). Thats how PoE is nowadays. People make far more currency from flipping and ripping people off than they do from playing the game so this is what we have.

You just have to find a way to tolerate it. But yes I agree with you about a buyer needing to have some kind of price. If a buyer wants to do the "make me an offer game" then thats fine but they shoudn't throw a fit when they get low balled. They asked for the damn offer so they have to deal with the consequences.
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Okay if we do set a price most of you get fucking mad then call us noobs n shit well in my experience and I trade a lot mind you.

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"make an offer" sellers can be sorted into two groups:

1) ask for an offer while having a price in mind, and knowing what the item is worth. thus wishing you bid higher so they can rip you off, or bid too low so they can flame or troll you.

2) me. I ask for an offer because I honestly have no idea what the item I'm selling is worth. well, I do have a pretty general price range, but not of the "this is worth 5 Chaos. won't accept anything below 4 Chaos" kind.
I do this, because I trade once in a millennium. the rest of the time I'm busy hacking pixel-baddies.
yes, I'm completely aware this is the primary reason I'm so dirt-poor.
yes, I know the trade-tycoons exploit people like me to buy cheap, sell high, and swim in a sea of Exalts.
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2) me. I ask for an offer because I honestly have no idea what the item I'm selling is worth.

pretty much. i tried putting a price on something, and ended up selling a claw worth 1.5 exalts for 4 chaos!
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When i get this "offer?" I just always say uber low price like 1c on anything, regardless of item being sold. Thats one way of saying "fuck you and ur offer "
Don't trade if you don't enjoy the word "offer"

I don't, doesn't bother me much. And like johnkeys mentioned, when i do on occasion trade, it's mostly because my stash is filled and i need some space, trading 4 spaces for a 1 space alch = profit to me.

But honestly no need to get offended/upset by things like this. Either you step up your trading game ore you just play the game and don't care for this little mini game.
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You seem to forget the most of us are not playing Path of Market Tycoon, most of us are playing the game when we get whispered.

We don't even know the item you want, we need to stop playing, TP back to town and search for the item you want before even having an idea of what you're asking.

The only time I tried asking for an offer I got a smut reply of 1 alch for 350 pDPS mace...

There are even people who get mad if you're not immediately ready to sell them what they want as if you're working behind a till instead of playing a game...

Player interaction is BS, I can't understand why GGG thinks it's so important.

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