Permission for Youtube Monetization?

"Hi, I am inquiring if we have Grinding Gear Games' permission to monetize videos on Youtube depicting the game. Examples of mine mainly include tutorials on the game itself and other guides and opinions about Path of Exile."

My response from support:

"Hey VoidMoon,

You have a green light! -_^

Hope you enjoy the game! And don't forget that open beta comes out in less than 10 hours! So everyone of your fans can join for free when it's released! d(^_^)b

Best regards,

For those of you that find this thread later on looking for the same answer.
Last edited by VoidMoon on Jan 23, 2013, 4:44:07 AM
Does this mean I can safely put my Path of Exile footage on YouTube with no worries? :) I contacted support as well but I'm eager to upload haha.
私?I? Je? Ik?

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