873 DPS 6L Vaal Axe Mirror service

Hi all this thread has been moved to


As I am back at work and a mate is looking after my shop

Hi up for mirror service is my brand new Vaal Axe

All 6 Mods are top tier comprising 873 DPS

Mirror service fee is fixed at 50ex

You will need to supply enough Chromatics to change the socket colours and back, or an eternal and chromatics, so I can return it to its original state.

First Mirror to co-crafter Cryogenix, Congrats buddy

2nd Mirror to anonymous

Please contact me via this forum or

In game via _Lady_Grim_ or Sereena_Drayco
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I am online and have you in my friendlist if we can do the mirror today:)
Just wondering why you settled on the res and not maybe crit or max strength. Great craft!
Shadow LA/Frenzy Crit Guide : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/470867 || Best Life Belt on PoE for Mirror : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/521100
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I would hazard a guess that the Res applies to more people. Crit especially isn't useful for people with Resolute Technique.
You don't need to crit wit that beast. Nice craft.
Holy balls!
The planes and trains are to blame
Thanks for the feed back guys, was alot of blood sweat and tears.

We decided on 4mods that were absolute musts, AS, %phys dmg, %phys dmg+accuracy & added phys dmg.

The other 2 mods were of less importance.
incredible axe , wish i had a mirror and 50 ex
Please someone give me a Mirror and 50ex!
The chance to roll +1% maximum resists on an amulet is less than 1/300.

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