I'm stuck, no idea how to improve my character or what I should even be doing....

I do Heavy Strike for single target and spectral throw for packs.

Here's my passive.


And since people are so unlikely to help, I'll pay 5 chaos to anyone that gives me good advice.

The gear is really really fine, especially for a mid level 60. Your spec is a just..I don't know how I would even consider fixing it, its just..awful, I dunno.
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here is my spectral throw templar as a guideline

its maybe 20+ lvls higher, but use this as a guide line of what works at the endgame.

as you can see i have a life roll on allmost all my gear pieces and a lot of % in the skilltree. i can still die very easily if I dont pay attention.

as you can see i run 2 aura's on my mana, which boost my survivabilty and damage by ~25%.
because i hae no mana leech atm i run clarity on my life or use a on bloodmagic support gem on my spectral throw.

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Ok, I will offer some advice based on your gear / build. Honestly it needs a lot of work, don't take offense. Just some ideas, you don't have to do them, they could be wrong for your character or the way you play, but this is the type of direction that works for me personally.

Firstly, I would not run Blood Magic. I get that you are running it in order to mitigate mana loss, but you should instead spec out of BM and get one or two mana leech gems and put them on your main attacks. If you do not do this you must take Blood Drinker regardless.

Second, you do mainly physical damage, especially on your single target hits. You should take 'Blood Drinker' for an extra 2% life leech based off of your physical damage.

You have two AOEish attacks, get rid of one of them. You have two (or three) single target attacks. Get rid of one (or two) of them. I suggest putting Frenzy on your left click, that way you can stack Frenzy charges with a few hits and then go into spamming your single target or multi target attacks, depending on the situation.

Your Cast When Damage Taken is not working at all with this setup. Where it says 'Requires Level 31' can not be surpassed by the gems it is linked to. For example, your Molten Shell requires level 56 and your Enduring Cry requires level 60. You should level up your CWDT to around level 5, and then adjust your Molten Shell and Enduring Cry to be the proper 'Required Level' to match your CWDT without going over it.

Four link your boots, slap an 'Increased Duration' or 'Increased Radius' gem in with your CWDT setup.

Take OUT Lightning Strike, it is doing you no good. You are using way too many attacks. I have ONE DOT skill, one frenzy stacking skill which also serves as life leech and mana leech, one AOE skill, which serves as life leech and mana leech, and one culling strike skill mixed with fork and item rarity, to give an example of an efficient setup.

You want to go for mainly physical damage, as you will be mitigating your damage taken with Life Leech through blood drinker and Life Leech gems. Added fire damage will be OK, but don't go for any other added elemental damage. You take all of these increased physical damage nodes...TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM!!!

Finally, use Arctic Armor for damage mitigation while you are standing still. Put it as one of your main spells and pop it every single time you are swarmed by a mob or are against a strong single target boss. If you move with AA active, it will drain your mana quickly, so do minimal moving while it is up.

Another idea is to also take Blood Rage and pop it when you are slaying. It gives you bonus life leech, frenzy charges whenever an enemy is killed, and is all around awesome if you have life regen from the passive tree.

There are many other things you can do, but if you do this I have faith that you will be able to progress, without changing your gear too much. Aim for max resists as well, I didn't add up what you have at the moment, except aim for around 0% chaos resist in merciless, as the game is balanced around that and not around chaos being at 75%.

Let me know if this helps.

I agree with everything the person above me just wrote.

Just something I want to add. You intend to build a non-resolute technique marauder based on swords so that you get critical strikes and also by increasing your accuracy with all those bonus accuracy nodes for swords.

Think again if it is actually worth it. What happens if I give up all these critical strike nodes and accuracy nodes and replace everything with just resolute technique and some increased damage nodes?

For players who have tried out melee shadows and duelists you know what I am talking about. Marauders simply do not have enough dexterity and good bonus critical nodes for a non resolute technique marauder to work. In fact marauder is almost always better with resolute technique unless one of your equipment so happens to have 'added 80%++ accuracy rating'.
^ Great point as well.
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