FleepQc'S Tempest Shield/Molten Shell Build

Hey, this build is far from finished but I wanted to share the build to you guys and wanted you thoughts on the build. I was doing this build for fun and it turned out to be great. It's almost impossible to die with this build and you shock stack everything + you do great damage with molten shell. This build is better in a group since molten shell doesn't proc off spells. I was doing 63-67 maps the other day with a group and it was the easiest thing ever. I wasn't afraid of anything( not even oak with 30% attack speed and 25% damage with frenzy charges). I was able to rush in any pack of monsters and tank everything.


Here's the passive skill tree:

Tempest Shield/Molten Shell Build


Skills I use:

Tempest Shield:

With static blows and elemental proliferation this skills works incredibly well since it shock stacks everyone. It does decent damage and it increases your block chance.

Molten Shell:

You will be tanking damage so this spell does great damage when you manage to make it explode. It does even more damage if all the ennemies are shock stacked. I use this with blood magic because the mana cost is way too high for me to support it. You also want increased area of effect because the range on it isn't so great.

Immortal Call:

This skill makes you immune to physical damage... what do you want more ? Note that all physical damage will count to make Molten Shell explode so it synergies well together. With the increased buff duration that I picked up in the passive skill tree (75%) this skill with 5 endurance charges gives me 20 sec of physical immunity(with increased duration linked with it). This skill has no cooldown. All you need is endurance charges.

Enduring Cry:

You need two of those to make Immortal call effective.(they won't share cooldown if you use two).


Since you are immune to physical damage all you need is getting defense against spells.


You can use this if you have the mana to support it.(pretty hard to get)


Items you might need:

Stone of Lazhwar:

50% of you block chance is applied to spells. This is a way to deal with ennemies that use spells. You will have 62% block chance that is applied to spells if you use this.

Kaom's sign:

If you don't like casting immortal call too much you pick up 2 of those and get 2 additionnal endurance charges.


At the end, you should have at least 55% Block Chance(for attacks) and 34% Block Chance(for spells).

I'm still looking for ways to improve this build.(like having a single target skill or a skill to take care of ennemies that cast spells) If you guys have suggestion feel free to post them. Like I said at the beginning, this build is far from finished and still needs a lot of work but you can still see the idea behind it.
Can you get a video of the build in action? seems very interesting! anyone else trying something similar?
well my computer isn't good enough to record without lagging -,-
THis is a copy paste build from build of the week 6

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqvE66YFRO4 u can see all the nods here .
I have a friend who tried a build like this. He spent most of his time just looting cause I killed everything around b4 they could even hit him. Sorry, but no. A build that depends on mobs hitting you to work is just crap.
Ajsi669 wrote:
THis is a copy paste build from build of the week 6

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqvE66YFRO4 u can see all the nods here .

Copy paste build ? wtf? He's a ranger, with an outdated passive skill tree. Yes he is using tempest shield and molten shell like i am but that's it. I actually didn't even knew about that build before like 2 days ago. But after seeing the video, it clearly gave me some ideas like having more crit chance to shock the targets more often.

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