Frame Time Spikes

after weeks of smooth playing, all of a sudden im getting frame time spikes at EVERY mobpack. it goes from 0.7s spikes to 3000ms or more.

i didnt change anything, same driver, same everything.

DxDiag for your pleasure

can you really fix this sometimes soon please? i really dont want to die to this and its being promised for ages now, feels like forever...


total fun having these on a very good comp in 73+ nemesis maps :D
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its been happening with me lately too. Fucking horrific in docks when rare mobs are around me and the fire breathing dogs it rapes me. I have no idea why cuz my computer shits on all the brand new games maxed out. Not matter what grapgics settings I try. this game looks like diarrhea and shouldnt have started randomly started doing this to me as with the other people having this problem.
Im having the same issue.