Dual Spork + Dual Power Siphon Templar Build TIPS WELCOME!

Hey Everyone, this is my very first build that I really went out on a limb with trying without following other builds.

I was really interested in trying a dual spork totem, as I had never made one before and happened to come across a power Siphon gem. Tried it out, noticed it gave crit chance, GG.

So, this build starts out pretty slow, and I haven't really gotten far enough on this character to really see where this goes yet. So updates will be added in the future.

My plans are to grab enough int nodes on my way around the tree in order to make up for the amount of mana it is going to take in order to support this build, everything in it requires quite a lot of mana to sustain. I will also be grabbing all of the crit chance, crit strike, etc. nodes I can on the tree before level 50. Once I hit 50, I am IMMEDIATELY going straight for as much strength nodes, and HP nodes as I possibly can in order to sustain myself in Merciless. Also, +1 Extra Power Nodes will be taken as well.

Tree so far:


Power Siphon #1: Iron Will - Mana Reduction (so far)
Power Siphon #2: Chain - LMP - Iron Will (so far)
Spark: Fork - LMP - Spell Totem


So, I really have absolutely NO clue what kind of gear I should look for in building this character. Should I go for Armour? Evasion? I really would like to have some examples of what to look out for when doing this build.

As for wands, I am probably going to need HIGH DPS wands, as well as +#% Physical Damage and spell % damage.

Other stats to look for are welcome.

I want YOU to help me in finishing this build and making it viable. Should I aim for ES? Should I try CI? Or maybe I should invest in getting some auras?

Give me YOUR feedback and YOUR ideas so I can survive Merciless!

Happy Holidays!


UPDATE: I'm now almost through Cruel solo, haven't died to any of the mobs here. Totally painless process so far. Each boss has melted every time. On my way to Vaal now, will update with the results.
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Update #2: I didn't get to where I wanted by the level I wanted, And I decided to work with some aura's to see what I get. I still don't have the items in order to get the linked sockets that I want for this build to work, and I don't have enough mana in order to get the aura's I want to use at the moment either. The sockets are essential. I'm about 3/4 done with Ruthless now, and still have yet to die, but I am getting a lot squishier. I think i'm going to start moving onto the strength portion of the build now in order to sustain myself throughout Merciless. Will update as I work with the build more. I somehow also need to find a way in order to cast Power Siphon faster, as right now it shoots slow enough without Iron will...
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This is what I would do

You skilled a lot of +mana nodes I thing you down´t need them what you need is manareg this is why i go to the witch start node
then you got problems with Power Syphon try there +weapon ele dmg nodes thy might help you
I´f changed a few more small things to make it more effectiv

Happy new Year
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Hope everyone had a happy new year, this will be the most recent update. I haven't gotten the chance to play as much as I wish due to being booked for work.
I just hit 60 today and am just about ready to start doing some maps, however, I'm not sure how I will manage due to low resists (not really geared) etc.

I have finished Merciless, and I have some pretty good stuff going on in this build.


Single Target Power Siphon: Weapon Elemental Damage + Faster Attacks
Multi-Target Power Siphon: Weapon Elemental Damage + Chain + Lesser Multiple Projectiles
Spark: Spell Totem + Lesser Multiple Projectiles (Still need a 6L Chest)


Wrath: Reduced Mana
Clarity: Reduced Mana
Discipline: Reduced Mana
Anger: Reduced Mana (Not enough mana to use this currently)



HP: 1636
Energy Shield: 1066
Strength: 126
Intelligence: 270
Dexterity: 78
Mana Reserved for ALL aura's: 443
Total Mana: 465
(Don't Forget, those are WITH Anger, and I cannot use it yet. Not Enough Mana)

Armour: 530
Physical Damage Reduction: 10%
Evasion: 745
Chance to Evade: 13%
Fire Resist: 6%
Cold Resist: -27%
Lightning Resist: 12%
Chance to Block Attacks: 26%
Freeze Avoidance: 100%
Life Regeneration Per Second: 0.7
Mana Regeneration Per Second: 49.6
Physical Damage Reflect: 49
Run Speed Increase: 9%

Final Passive Build


Currently, I feel my damage is where it needs to be. I can generally 3 shot Gold mobs in Fellshrine now, and I can run it faster without using Spark totems.
I've tried 2 maps solo, Gotten Vipers, (Chaos owns me) and also got Flickers in the other, so I couldn't solo either of them. Took me down really easily.

This IS my first time reaching endgame where I feel I can survive, but I dont think I can solo any maps at the current level that i'm at.


Should I keep trying to gear up before trying maps? Or should I try in a group?

Cheers everyone.

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