Descent: Champions Starter Uniques

We're running our first Descent: Champions race events this coming weekend. One of the special features of this race type is that you get to pick two Unique items at the start. Because items never leave the Descent leagues, it's possible for us to give out some relatively powerful starting Uniques. This new post uncovers the different Uniques that are available.

After receiving some general provisions (skill gems and items that vary by class), you are presented with two chests of Uniques. The chests have the same contents for all classes, and you're allowed to choose one Unique from each chest. The items are as follows:

Chest 1:

Chest 2:

Note that, as usual, the balance of these may change before the events start to run. Because Descent: Champions isn't the Signature race of this season, we're able to iterate on its balance as the season progresses.
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Cool :D

Based on some other uniques :P
Good memories from closed beta: - Damn fine chest.
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Blast it
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Glass Shard
I'm liking the names of the items :D
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No two-handed mace unique?
Completed 11 ChallengesAtrophius wrote:
No two-handed mace unique?

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Dual wield glass shards FTW
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Completed 11 ChallengesAtrophius wrote:
No two-handed mace unique?

or axe

I don't really think it matter though
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1st page post... awesome. I can't wait.
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