The Goddess Scorned Theory and future build intent.

I do a lot of shallow theory on PoE, meaning I don't know that much about mechanics in game.

I want to make a build using The Goddess Scorned as my weapon. The reason I want to try, at the very least, is because of the mod "Ignited enemies burn 50% faster". This mod has me both confused and curious about the possibilities.

First off, what does that mod mean, exactly? Does it mean that enemies ignited by fire damage when you have this sword equipped have their ignited durations cut shorter? Does this mean that ignited enemies take more damage from being ignited?

it raises the ignite dps by 50% but lowers the duration by 33%
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Thanks for the answer!
fsg wrote:

it raises the ignite dps by 50% but lowers the duration by 33%

Where do you get 33%?
Fire damage
If you land a critical strike with an attack or spell that deals fire damage, the enemy begins Burning. Burning causes damage over time. Humanoids, Monkeys and Sea Witches will flee while burning.
Burning lasts 4 seconds, and the amount of damage over time is 1/3 of the fire damage dealt per second. So a total of 4/3 of the original damage, over 4 seconds.
Multiple instances of burning can be applied at the same time, however the damage from them does not stack. Only the highest-damage burning effect that is on a creature at any one time will deal damage.


What this means is that when The Goddess Scorned ignites an enemy, the damage it does is still 1/3 the base hit, but the full 4/3 of the base damage that a normal burn would do happens over 2 seconds instead of 4.


I do 100 damage with a critical hit (for simplicity's sake) so a normal burn does 33 damage/second for 4 seconds.
With The Goddess Scorned, that same hit does 33 damage every half a second for 2 seconds.

The overall damage is the same, it's just faster with The Goddess Scorned.
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So the 33% is wrong. DPS is doubled since duration is cut in half.
Working on a Goddess Scorned build atm. So far at lvl 53 and it's going really well. So much damage. Not sure how well it will do at end game, but curious to find out.
Maybe it has sense with righteous fire? I dont know!

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