Pre-Season, Event 6: 1 Hour Cutthroat (PS6)

This is a pre-season race event, no prizes or points will be awarded.

This is a standard (non-hardcore) party Cutthroat.

A summary of Cutthroat rules:
  • This is a separate short-duration league that has its own stash (as usual). At the end of the event, characters and stashed items will be moved to Hardcore.
  • There's a PvP damage multiplier because players start with a lot more life than they do damage. This multiplier will be adjusted substantially based on feedback from this event and others.
  • Players are hostile by default to players who are not in their party.
  • You can ctrl+click on the entrance to an area to use the Instance Management screen to manually enter any other player's instance of an area.
  • Cut-throat instances can hold a maximum of 12 players.
  • When you die you drop all inventory and equipped items. Your flasks, skill gems (even ones in your inventory) and quest items are not dropped.
  • If you were killed by another player, your lost experience is split among their party.
  • If you attempt to abruptly leave the game in a non-town instance, you have to wait 5 seconds and are unable to move or use flasks.
  • The grace period of invulnerability upon entering an area is 20 seconds. This should start once the player is mostly done loading.
  • Non-partied players only show up on the map if they're nearby.
  • There are no notifications for players joining or leaving areas.
  • Portals cannot be used until they have been up for five seconds.
  • You cannot apply microtransaction effects to items in cut-throat. You may dance and have pets.

That instance invasion (together with pvp) sounds like a whole lot of fun, unfortunally I will be out for the weekend, so I properly wont be able to participate (unless my laptop can handle it, this time).

But you should seriously consider making a (none hardcore) league, where this is a feature :D, but you should properly make it VERY clear that this is a possibility in that league, or some people would freak the f out when all their equipped unique's gets stolen (sure would be funny though) :)
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Completed 3 ChallengesGGG_Neon wrote:

This is a standard (non-hardcore) party Cutthroat.

This is a separate short-duration league that has its own stash (as usual). At the end of the event, characters and stashed items will be moved to Hardcore.

non-hardcore moved to Hardcore? orly? :)
Add a noob protections for gods sake and make it HC.

Nothing is more frustrating than invading somebody who got killed several times and drops white items.
Support even being illiterates lol.
What's this I see? A party cutthroat?
Good way to make a good impression on the new players with this clusterfuck.
would the items be transferred to regular hardcore or nemesis hardcore? If only regular hardcore, would there ever be a nemesis hardcore cutthroat mode?
The items are moved to Standard.

Neon just copy pasted a standard CT note and added (non hardcore)
Support even being illiterates lol.
Why isn't this HARDCORE?

Softcore so boring :( You kill someone and what? ... gay
IGN: TimeForSpectralThrow / iLikeShockNova
Me and my group had an awesome run, finished 20th
Stay awhile and listen
Is there a way you can see how many people you've killed?
If not, they should really implement this!

Damn I feel like I killed so many people and didn't die once. :D

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