Elemental Spectral Throw, 4 auras, no Eldritch Battery needed.

So I was going to do a LA Scion, and leveled up with spectral throw and never switched to LA. The idea is to run as many auras as possible while having huge boost to them from the passive tree. Just take a look at the build.

So with all the reservation reductions I am able to run wrath, anger and grace with mana, and have enough mana left to cast my skills. I am running clarity from life, and with the buffs to auras, I regen enough to cast spectral throw and doublestrike and leap slam to move around indefinitely.

So you want some numbers, my spectral throw damage with LMP + Life Leech + Weapon Elemental Damage is 3161, and I shock stack everything. My Double strike which is linked to Weapon elemental Damage + Life Gain on Hit + Faster Attacks does 8.4k damage. I got 7.2k armor with grace + IR combo, without taking any armor passives except sentinel. And I have 3462 life left after clarity. I am level 80 I dont have all the nodes in the linked tree.

Also I have enduring cry, molten shell and elemental weakness linked to cast on damage taken.

For bandits I helped oak, then kraitlyn and then oak again.

My auras are at level 18 atm, so I will get substantial damage from them when they level to 20, and in my current build I dont have all of the 8% WED nodes near scion just one.

This is my current gear.

If I had a 5L chest I would use elemental proliferation probably. With my current setup I am able to do up to 69 maps haven't tried any higher. Also insanely fast piety runs, and scepter runs if I so desire, dominus tho killed me 3 times before I beat him, but with more levels and life nodes I would have done better

Anyone else tried something similiar?
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I might have to give this a try, seems interesting.. thanks!
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I'm leveing an ele spectral thrower but i started as templar.

I was planning to run spectral throw on blood magic. That way i don't need to spend points for mana or use clarity. Just stack life and regen and leech will do the rest.

Spectral throw + blood magic + greater multi projectiles + life gain on hit + weapon elemental damage/faster attacks in a 5-link is what i'm aiming for.

Ranged builds have a tough time with 4-links. More often than not multi projectiles gem is a requirement. That's one more gem slot required over melee builds.

The big downside to elemental damage builds is that there is no way to get rid of the annoying life gain/life leech gem in the link. It has to be there so you can replenish life.

Physical damage builds have easy mode. Just put on a 1% leech ring or put a point in mind/blood drinker passive node and you are good to go. But that only works for physical damage. Why is this so ggg?

Here's my tree i'm working on: http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgUBBVuLjOFz7SBG113GtQTkIhpsGYUkqjbp42r60hcvZOdV1oCkKU-Cm-w4GjinhJBVV-J35TKJBLMUTQJx8B-iAMAaWfOsqnKpfNkn7Rku1I-53e8O51JUSV8_9kiMz1BQWGPG2MT2PC3Grrc-_grnY4jxrFk1krXybqpKyD8nKk0VIHPhX6r3iIPb_EvOcWwWLOndDfzFVvrdRmOn_E6pbmxGcmwyCfIvd2JbPWegh3ZKfTrYLdLZYVcNkc6fPrvt

Will probably skip the reduced mana reservation nodes on the left. I only plan to run anger + wrath. A reduced mana gem will be sufficient. Leaves me with a little more than 10% mana left.

I kinda have the feeling a physical variant with hatred and added fire damage will be better. But i'm still gonna see how this works out.

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Interestingly, this is very similar to how I have set up my ele split arrow duelist post 1.0.

I was thinking about picking up a 2H ele weapon to use on swap for fun/against lightning thorns (which suck for split arrow with chain). I am running Anger/Wrath/Grace on mana and using a BM gem for attacks. A couple comments based on running a similar build for all of Anarchy. You might benefit a lot from more flat ele damage on gear, and from attack speed on gloves. Is the shield with no shield nodes better than a 2H for you? For ranged attacks, it's really nice to use frenzy for single target and then take advantage of the frenzy charges to up your AoE dps.

I'm using:

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