Achievement Text Covering Item Popup and Animation Canceling

After killing a boss for an achievement/challenge, the popup for items that are on the ground is hidden by the achievement/item text. I have to either click the x to hide the text or wait 5 seconds before I can look at the items on the ground before picking them up. This annoys me really badly and could be pretty easily fixed by moving either the default achievement text location or the item popup location.

Also the items name on the ground, the background should have a hover effect so I can be sure which item I am hovering over.

As for the animation canceling.

If I am casting dual strike and need to refresh my frenzy stacks its WAY too easy to miss the frenzy refresh because of pressing it before dual strike animation finishes. This is a problem with all spells/attacks I have used.

I would recommend movement and casting a different spell/ability interrupting an attack and if interrupted too soon the damage wouldn't be applied. I understand that some people like the combat because it promotes thinking before you act. I disagree on this point because while it seems good to advocate thinking, all it does in the end is make for a combat system that is extremely hard to control. I cant even tell you how many times I have missed refreshing frenzy or laying a trap because of this problem.

The combat just feels too clunky as it is, I have seen several other posts about this and not one of them did a developer reply.

I really love this game and I am not just trying to bash it. I would love to see this game become better and these are just the bugs/problems I have run into so far.

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