Bugs concerning Dominus fight

I did enjoy the Dominus fight so much, that I wanted to do it again.
So a few hours later, I used the Scepter WP and progressed normally to the roof.
Then I realized two things were different from the first fight, probably being bugs:

- The roof area was DARK, and remained the same the whole fight. During the first fight the roof was bright, then went dark during Dominus' 2nd form and returned to bright again after you killed him. This did not happen.
- The Dominus fight music was completely missing. It was playing the normal slow music from the lower areas of the Scepter, which did not fit the fight at all.

I think this has to do with scripts, which are, as it seems, bound to your quest state (or this might also be a random happening, I don't know). Looks like small bugs, but has a HUGE impact on the perception of the fight.
Or another reason could be that I tp'ed to town before the fight started. I don't know.

Thanks! You guys are awesome!
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And the death animation lags as much as in D2 with Diablo. When I kill him, it lags a sec and then there's loot on the floor and bright sky.
Kuolema kuittaa univelat
Bit of a necro post here but I didn't see the point in making a new thread when this one already exists. If I die on Dominus and come back via a portal it gets super dark, cant see more than a tiny patch around my toon.

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