109% reduced mana reserved?

You can get 46% reduced mana reserved from talents. Add another 30% reduced from the keystone behind bm. Add another 8% from Alpha's Howl (http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Alpha%27s_Howl). Now, add another 25% from gems in Prism Guardian (http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Prism_Guardian).

It adds up to 109% for the gems in Prism Guardian. Will I actually *gain* mana, or will it just cap out at 100% reduction?

Pretty sick tho.
The node after BM is 30% LESS mana reduced, so it stacks multiplicatively instead of additively.

So the lowest possible cost on a 60% aura (as of now) would be:

60% * 0.21 * 0.7 * 0.71 = 6.26% reserved

EDIT: Further explanation on the math

60% - cost of the aura

0.21 - the multiplier with all additive reductions: 46% from the tree, 25% from prism guardian, 8% from Alpha's howl = 79% reduction

0.7 - 30% LESS node after BM

0.71 - the mana multiplier on a level 20 reduced mana gem
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You didn't get Multiplicative and additive Factor right.

How should something like
that be playable?

My idea would be wander with elemental hit.

You can use only 3 Auras which reserve 8% ofc you will use hatred anger and wrath.

Then you have still room for other auras, which arent affected by PG.

But the drawbacks are just insane.

Vitality is poorly buffed--> Don't use.

Deternimation doesn't replace several nodes->Nodes are better

Haste didn't become mob haste with 70% boni-->Nodes are better

Discipline does nothing.
Clarity does nothing

Grace doesn't help because you are too far away from iron reflexes.
Purity ok.

You better only specialize into using 4 Auras and get more damage/speed/life and other defensive nodes.
You can't reach all interesting parts of the tree which would actually help you far more.

This is exactly the same problem as the "19 charge" discharger you don't get past clusters which help you far more.

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