[Quest Bug - Solved?] The Way Forward - Normal - Domination League

Bug Report #3772421605

First time i got a problem with any quest in the game. I didn't loot the Thaumetic Emblem from the Captain Arteri.

Here is a screen showing i killed him, the loots are still on the floor btw. FYI, i didn't had the space in my inventory i guess (not 2x2), just 1x1 or 1x4.

I'm playing on the Steam version, 1.0.0c.

Edit : Just to notice i got the quest item by creating a new instance and killing the Captain a second time. With an almost clean inventory this time.
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Well, i guess it's solved by the 1.0.0d patch :
Fixed a bug where monster deaths from Puncture were not awarded as kills correctly.
I did actually kill him with puncture i guess.
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