[Twitch Integration] Webcam Cuts Out When Streaming

There's a post over in the technical area for this as well.

While streaming using ingame Twitch integration my webcam (a Logitech C310) will cut out randomly and cease sending out information. The Stream info window lists webcam choices as "no webcams" at this point (having removed the C310 from the list) and the preview kicks back to normal preview.

I'm running in Windowed Mode but that's the only big setting difference.

I've tried different USB ports, tried reinstalling drivers, everything.

I'm on Windows 8 64-bit, all of my connection is beyond good enough to be streaming (attempted lower resolution just in case but that's not it.) I've found quite a few people reporting this bug on the tech support forum with zero responses that seem to help, so I think we can group this all together as a bug (particularly with the Logitech series webcams and possibly with Windows 8, as the others seem to be running it as well.)

It should be noted my webcam mic still works just fine, its just the game stops detecting my webcam as a webcam. Xsplit, Skype, etc. will continue showing my Webcam just fine if I have them open at the same time (normally I don't, but I did for testing purposes.)
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i am having same issue with 2 different brands of Webcams. First webcam I have is a Belkin F7D7602. second one I just bought is a Logitech C170. both show webcam prior to logging into Twitch. then I log into game and it will not read the Webcams. just restarted PoE. logged in, started streaming loaded new instance. worked fine. cast 1 aura and webcam shut off. system is well over qualified to run everything without issues. this problem definitely needs to be fixed or maybe someone can post a webcam that is guaranteed to work and does not cost an arm or a leg.
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just went and bought a third brand of Webcam and has the exact same issue. HD 1080p 3.0 ArcSoft WebCam. This webcam should work without any issues at all but once again as soon as I log in it no longer recognises the cam
I've got the same problem. I'll enable it on first log in then it shuts off the webcam and no longer detects it as a cam.

Using my built in asus webcam.
Streaming at 720p auto bitrate, not windowed.
Comp specs = G75V Asus series

No reason this should be happening as far as hardware goes, I'm thinking the problem lies more in the POE codding. Gonna try streaming a different game with built in twitch and see if the same problem occurs. If so, then I'm sure we can chalk it up to twitch.tv's issue.
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it not even giving me a option to check my webcam just light gray wont even give me a option to drop down to check my webcam :(

just sayes webcams no webcams and its installed and working
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