Disappearing Character

I don't know how this happened but this is what I did to cause it. I had a new player get on and decided I was going to make a new character besides my already existing level 20-25 character I can't even remember where I left him at. So I make this new character a ranger. After getting waiting for him at the first town he says his character didn't receive a weapon aka he didn't think he would get one and kept dieing. Calling BS I log out and make my own Shadow character, I get a glass shiv or whatever. So he logs out and makes a new character successfully receives the weapon. So now I have two characters immediately after figuring out what weapon he should have gotten I log out and log back into my ranger, we make it just slightly past coastal when I log out and make a new character. This time a witch, I decided since I put a lot of gear that I received from my higher level marauder I should just give him all that gear on the ranger. I log out of my witch, and bam notice my marauder gone.

I don't know how it happened all the extra characters plus all the logging in and out? I was just shocked that my guy just up and disappeared all I can think is theres something wrong with the refreshed list and my guy is still there just not popping up for me to use.
your overview page shows a Level 22 Templar in Domination League you didn't mention.

besides my already existing level 20-25 character

was this the marauder you mentioned, which disappeared? or is it the existing templar?

your overview page doesn't show a shadow character.

to have a proper debugging you need to be precise, maybe even state the names of the chars.


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