Upcoming 1.0.0 Skills and Support Gems, Anarchy/Onslaught ending and San Francisco Meetup Pictures

Here's a list of the current set of new gems in 1.0.0. We have a lot more planned for follow-up content patches (roughly one every two weeks).

New Skills:
  • Spectral Throw
  • Animate Weapon
  • Animate Guardian

Offensive Trigger Support Gems:
  • Curse On Hit (for spells and attacks)
  • Cast On Crit (attacks only)
  • Cast on Melee Kill

Defensive Trigger Support Gems:
  • Cast on Death
  • Cast when Damage Taken
  • Cast when Stunned

Reverse Effect Support Gems:
  • Slower Projectiles
  • Reduced Duration

The Anarchy and Onslaught leagues end in just less than two days. We've previously posted information about what happens when they end here. We'll be deploying a patch just after that time which will adjust some drop rates, rebalance Rogue Exiles, and other follow-on effects from the leagues ending.

The new leagues (starting on October 23) are Domination and Nemesis. They also have challenges, just like the Anarchy and Onslaught leagues. They also have some of their own new base types and Unique items.
  • Domination: A variety of powerful Shrines now spawn throughout Wraeclast, surrounded by large groups of monsters that are influenced by their power. These monsters receive substantial bonuses or are protected by their shrine's effects in some way. If you are able to tag the shrine, you receive these powers for a short time. It's often very risky to run in and try to claim the shrine, but it is a gamble that can pay off. One of the new challenges is to tag each of the shrine types.
  • Nemesis: Rare monsters have one guaranteed mod from the Nemesis Pool, which makes the fight susbtantially harder. One of the challenges is to kill a rare with each of the Nemesis mods.

The fan meetup in San Francisco on Saturday went really well! We had over 30 people attend and were able to discuss a lot of 1.0.0 changes with them. Here are two photos from the bar that we went to and a picture of Jonathan, Erik and me in the park.
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@ReeepInPeace in game
any word on new cosmetics? :O
Cast on Death, interesting. Unless there's going to be a super rare resurrection gem I doubt that will be used in HC/Nem.

Awesome gems, very happy to see Cast on Crit.
The guy in the middle looks like he is an alien cyborg scanning the area for any potential threats.

Just sayin... :P
Very cool!
Any word on new uniques in 1.0?
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oh yes!!!

ps: pls don`t drink sooo much on a next fan-meeting ;)
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