First DIY build Reave Witch 11K tooltip

Current Gear:

I want to replace atziris but I do not have enough intelligence to use my Vaal :(

Skill Tree when complete below. Currently 79 and I consider the build more or less complete at 81

With full 7 frenzy charges I get 11K tooltip I am sure there are better shadow builds out there but I wanted to do something different. I also run hatred anger and wrath and switch out haste and clarity on 50% regen maps. I use crit weakness when I run into a mob that doesn't die in less than 10 seconds. The only thing that usually really kills me is phys reflect. What would be a good skill to use on phys reflect mobs?
I would love to get 3R and BG on the Vaal but all those chromatics....

This is my first post like this so hopefully I didn't miss anything.

just some pointers,

link bloodrage with increase duration

use lightning strike to deal with reflect

you'll get a big damage boost if you have phy damage on those rings. mine for example
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reworking your build a tad to grap vaal pack would help a ton with phys reflect. but you would have to lessen your dps to get there i imagine
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best i got is 9k on my shadow but the Adder's Touch might not be considered

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