Maps arent very random at all.

TheAnuhart wrote:
Lets say you get vulnerability curse as one of your mods, well, you can be pretty certain that there will be a considerable amount of chargers, punctures, and chaos enemies.

I just wanted to chime in on this.

There is definitely a link to monsters and mods, it is most noticeable with the vulnerability mod.

You usually get at least two of the 3 groups that mostly affect you with vulnerability*. Sometimes all 3. Those being;
Charge/Leap - Guard/Rhoa/Goat.
Bomb - Alch/Incinerator.
Puncture - Hellion/Softcrab/Skele/Snake.

I think on one occasion only* I had only one of the three, can't remember which it was, but I remember there were a lot of guards that would have been a second type had they not all been the non-charge ones.

*This can be overridden by a 'monster type' affix, though.
It's interesting that people draw this conclusion, because it's not true. Monsters in a map are affected by two things - the type of map (regardless of any mods on it), and mods which explicitly change the monsters in the map, such as the one that makes all mosnters undead and necromancers.
No other map mods have any effect on which monsters spawn. We don't even have a way to do this that would merely increase the occurrence of certain packs - all we've implemented for such things is the "swap out all monsters for these ones" used by the mods that do affect monster types.

It's quite likely, however, that you'll notice certain packs more when they do happen to occur in maps with mods that make them more dangerous than when they occur in ones that don't. Also, if you run a lot of one type of map, you'll see the same kinds of monsters again, because map type does affect monster packs.
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Uvne wrote:
I always assumed that Multiple Projectiles and Chaining guaranteed at least one kind of projectile monster to ensure that the mod didn't do nothing. I cannot remember a counterexample. Is this not the case? Or are there general categories for pack selection to ensure that every map gets both ranged and melee mobs?
We can (and do) have certain mods more likely (or not possible at all) to spawn on certain types of maps, which means we can limit mods like that to only map types that have projectile monters. I don't know if we do in that specific case, but rolling the mod doesn't change which monsters spawn.
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Uvne wrote:
Are we sure that Mark isn't just talking about Area for outdoor maps and Maze for indoor maps? Pretty sure that's the only mod roll exclusion based on tileset.
That is the only one I'm specifically aware of as well. There might be others, but to my knowledge there aren't. Regardless, I know Vulnerability isn't an example.

EDIT: I've specifically checked, and Massive/Labyrinthine are the only map mods that are limited, or even weighted, by map type.
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ScrotieMcB wrote:
So the tileset doesn't impact the affix rolls, but does the monster selection still impact the affix rolls? Or was that inaccurate information?
Monster selection doesn't (and can't) affect mod rolling. I never said that, so I'm not sure where you got that from.
The base type of the map determines which monster packs can spawn. This is overridden by any mods that roll which explicitly replace monster packs - like the one that means all monsters are sea witches and spawn.
It is technically possible for mods to be limited to certain base types of map, in which case it would be possible to limit, say the multiple projectile mod to map types which can spawn monster packs that shoot projectiles. But this is currently only used to limit the two mods I mentioned above to indoor/outdoor base types.
The fact this isn't done for the multiple projectile mod makes me suspect that all map types can spawn monsters with projectile skills.
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