Freeze Pulse Ci Ranger

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I don't really think a ranger is the right fit for a CI Freeze Pulse build. Most of the things that build needs (Elemental Damage, Crit/Spell Crit & Energy Shield) are concentrated in the Templar, Witch and Shadow areas. The only thing you gain from the ranger area are Ballistic Mastery and projectile damage nodes. These are nice enough, but you have to spend a lot of points to get anywhere else useful.

In short: it's more efficient to use a Shadow/Witch/Templar for FP builds, and it isn't really worth bothering with Ballistic Mastery, it costs too many points to get to for what it is.

As for your build itself:
Most importantly, your planned build uses 112 Skill Points. In a best-case scenario, that's level 92! It takes a really long time to get that high, so you should try to design a functional build that only needs around lv70-80 (up to 90-100 points), which is a more realistic target.

You could start out as a Shadow and save two points from the attack speed and accuracy nodes you use to get out of the Ranger start.

Iron Grip is worthless for Freeze Pulse builds - it only benefits projectile attacks. Freeze Pulse is a spell!

You don't have enough energy shield nodes for a CI build. Most builds I've seen run at least +150% ES, often more. You only clock in under 120%.

What are your options?
In my opinion, a freeze pulse ranger is both less convenient and less effective than a witch, shadow or templar. If you want to use freeze pulse, I'd recommend rolling one of those classes instead.

Alternatively if you're really attached to playing a ranger with cold crit, you could try using bow builds that include Ice Shot and/or the Hatred aura. I'm actually levelling a ranger using Split Arrow and Hatred at the moment, and it's been really fun thus far!

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