Bringer of Rain

Just wanted to share some sick brags from last night. Was running a pier with a few people when a bringer drops. it's mine, i'm excited but i'm already wearing a 4link BOR in my colors. I throw it up for sale and get a couple offers but no quick bites. The rolls on the new one are better than my current so i decide to see if i can make it work. I take a 1 green socket, use 4 jewelers and hit 4 soc, then using no scraps 4link it in 6 fusings and 1 chrome it into my colors!!! It was easily my best drop ive ever had and it worked with me to be a better addition to my build. Just wanted to share.
GZ!!! :)
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I remember seeing my orange nightmare bascinet on the ground too... exalts were made that day :)

Congrats ^_^
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Well gg it was not Devoto's Devotion :
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hah yea, I said to my buddy that called it out that it was on the ground, "i bet it's the new unique instead." I was happy to be wrong that day.
The new unique is not really a build enabler in comparison to Infernal Mantle
so I guess it's drop rate is much lower. Not lower than Bringer of Rain, thou.
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I used roughly 700 chromes to 4R my bringer.
I 4 linked this at rggg, the 1 chromatic hit the jackpot for me. I bought my old one at 4r i believe, that one took just a couple to get right also. guess i'm just lucky in the chromatics area.

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