How to pass the ACT2 Task (The root of the problem)

I can't pass the Task.I need your help. Thank you very much indeed.
do all the other available quests first

If after that you don't have the baleful gem and the wicked spear (weavers needle) then go back to the weavers chamber and back to the chamber of sins and complete them again

If you went back to both of those places and still don't have the 2 quest items then file a bug report
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Baleful Gem and Maligaro's Spike, actually.
Nets are to Bestiary what guns are to the US. Can't get rid of them even though they're the root of all the problems, so instead you have to contort yourself around all logic coming up with weird and inexplicable measures.
Charan wrote:
Baleful Gem and Maligaro's Spike, actually.

For further info, check out the Complete Quests Walkthrough
Email if you need assistance!

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Thank you very much indeed

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