The Extinguisher: The Final Discharger

*****This build is somewhat complicated and very expensive *****

The Extinguisher: Cold Discharge
Build Score 4/5

Single Target Clear Capability 2/5
AoE Clear 5/5
General Survivability 4/5
Health (0/5) (CI)
Energy Shield (5/5) (CI, Gear Dependent)
Reflect Capability 4/5 (Vaal Pact)
Armor 3/5 ( IR )
Stun Capability 5/5 (US)
Resistances 5/5
Mana 5/5
Group Capability 2/5
Solo Capability 4/5
PvP Capability 1/5
Hardcore Capability 4/5 (With the Right Gear)
**These are all stats I made up based on what I've experience playing this build**
I've also only tested this build for a day so there is still a lot more room for improvement in gear and knowledge. Currently the build lacks a lot of area and in the ES( mostly due to gear)
but discharge does about 8-10k cold Damage and cold snap about 2-4k .


Here is a new build! Known as the Extinguisher, that utilizes blood rage and frenzy charge for an intense burst of cold damage with discharge

» This is an endgame CI build not meant for new players this build requires thought and attention to stay alive along with constant focus on keeping the right combos going.

Passive Tree


NORMAL DIFFICULTY: Kill all - Passive skill point- simply moar skill points, we love.
CRUEL DIFFICULTY: Kill all - Passive skill point
MERCILES DIFFUCILTY: Kraityn - Frenzy Charge

**Currently only level 75-76 Not sure what points I'll be taking next possibly heading over to Templar, or getting more % ES nodes in the middle or maybe dual curse and add in elemental weakness. Actually looking for suggestions/critique on my passive tree mostly some help near the left side of the witch tree to optimize it a bit more.

Build Basic Actions/Tactics


This build revolves around always having blood rage up, this is very important which is why Blood rage must be linked with increased duration. Obviously to start up the first monsters you kill you won't have any frenzy charges. This is where your weapon swap comes in, on your weapon swap it requires you to use quill rain. Once weapon swapped attack with frenzy(Yup sorry no leveling gems in offhand) after you get this started you can continuously blow up mobs with frostbite > Discharge, but wait there's more! See difficult enemies? Well then use frostbite freeze and do damage with a 4L / 5L cold snap with Ele proliferation. After freezing the enemies forever you then get the increased damage from using Taryn's Shiver against frozen enemies. After you can then proceed to shatter the monsters to their grave. If it any point you run out of frenzy charges simply freeze monsters with cold snap for safety then get your quill rain out get some charges then make sure you frostbite cold snap again if you want then blow em up. This is the builds weakest point, when it runs out of charges it leads to vulnerability to fast moving monsters


Taryn's Shiver 5L Price: 4-5 Exalted
*5L (Discharge, Conc Eff,Increased AoE, Cold Pen,Life Leech)1S (Frostbite)
Rainbow Stride 4L Price: 2-3 Exalted
*4L (Reduced Mana, Grace, Clarity,Discipline)
Perandus Signet Price: 0.25-0.5 Exalted
Dream Fragments (Perfect if Possible) Price: 2-3 Exalted
Atziris Foible Price: 0.25-0.5 Exalted
Quill Rain Price: 0.02 Exalted ( 1 Chaos )

Optional Unique Items
Rime Gaze 4L Price: 0.08-0.3 Exalted (1-3 GCP)
*4L (Cold snap, 20Q Added Cold,Increased Area,Elemental Proliferation)

Craftable/Upgradeable Items **Resists Needed After Uniques: 87L,87F,42C
Gloves(ARM/EVA or ES/EVA or ES) **HIGH ES, Resists Price: 2-4 Exalted
*4L(Level 1 Frenzy,GMP,Reduced Mana,Determination)
Belt ( Armor, Resists) Price: 2-4 Exalted
Chest (High ES Resists Price: 2-20+ Exalted
*2L ( Blood Rage, Increased Duration )
Helm(High ES / Resists) Price: 1-6 Exalted
Total Estimated Price of Gear(Not Including %QGems or Gems): 16 Exalted -50+Exalted

**Right now the build is still pretty new, I've noticed that Rime Gaze isn't completely needed therefore if you want to further optimize and upgrade your gear you can use a 5L or 6L chset coldsnap with mana leech instead of Conc Eff given by Rime Gaze.


Skill Gems In-Depth


I use almost all 20Q Gems which isn't necessary but definitely helps quite a bit
Discharge: Main skill for Damage,
Cold Penetration: Quality not needed but helps to multiply more damage
Concentrated Effect: Helps to Raise Damage Up
Increased Area: Needed to Boost the area to be able to hit more enemies
Life Leech: Extremely necessary for sustain, no Quality needed
Cold Snap: Second Skill for damage/Utility

**Although Cold Snap doesn't do as much damage it is very useful if you are running out of frenzy charges using cold snap to finish off monsters are get a little damage on them and freeze them to be able to do a bit more damage can significantly help build up frenzy charges if you don't always want to constantly weapon swap to Quill Rain.

Cold Snap Supports

Concentrated Effect allows you to add a bit more damage with cold snap but also heavily reduces your area to freeze enemies.
Mana Leech will allow you to discharge immediately after cold snapping, since cold snap can cost a lot of mana you might have to wait a second or two after casting cold snap to regenerate mana then have enough to cast discharge
Increased Area increases the amount of monsters you can freeze and hit with cold snap
Quality Added Cold increases the chance for you to freeze enemies if you don't always feel lucky...

**Every other gem is pretty much standard use or I've discussed already in Build Tactics. Also remember that you don't necessarily have to run auras for armor, if you don't want to pick up resists on gear then use purity instead of determination.

Video PVE Play of The Build

ES is low because of my current setup, chest only has 500 or so ES Rime Gaze also only provides 200 ES and gloves are armor/eva which I am working on changing. Also only level 70 with no inner force

IGN: Frodzaan if you have any more questions or suggestions and would rather message me in game, also sorry if it was a bit unorganized just wanted to get everything together to share so I threw it together pretty quick I will do my best to update this guide!


Burning Damage, do you even realize the absolutely absurd damage a burning discharger does through proliferating from weak mobs onto strong mobs like bosses?
Let me paint you a picture; My buddy kills a 73 Map boss in a single Discharge just through the immense amount of proliferated burning damage which by the way neatly stays on the ground for a considerable amount of time, killing anything that walks into it's ridiculous range. We're talking WAY Offscreen for damage that has no consequences (doesn't reflect).
More often than not there is absolutely no chance to even Cull the boss because of this ridiculous burn damage.
We haven't done higher maps yet but it won't be much difference because I play a 2-3 Curser, EE & Shocker. Even without me I know for a fact he does this to 70 bosses on his own, again he hasn't done higher than that solo.

No Endurance Charges, seriously? a CI build without shield and a fairly low amount of armour that has to run into large packs of mobs that do things? You WILL take at least a couple of hits in order to be effective and you will get absolutely annihilated without the up to 7 Endurance Charges - let alone taking hits from a physical damage based boss.

Bosses, how would this spec even manhandle any boss ever? Even as a Burning Discharger this is very awkward if you don't kill them within 1 or 2 Proliferated Burns.
This build only has freeze to proliferate, what's the plan? (Inb4 swapping back and forth to get charges and discharge, oh lord.)

Stacking up your Frenzy Charges by swapping weapons and shooting things? I'm sorry but that's even more awkward than my having to cull bosses that burn for 10-20% life every second using CYCLONE. (Yes I actually do that, because yolo)
Maintaining Charges is also a huge problem if you don't oneshot things, even in your video you're often struggling to kill mobs and keep them up.
Keep in mind a Burning Discharger has both Frenzy AND Endurance Charges and there is a huge difference in continuity, a Lightning Discharger can basically B2B Discharge without needing to re-stack but of course that one doesn't really work for HC due to the low base of Voll's.

SWAG is what I think of when I see this spec, it tries very hard to be different, new and exciting but the core of it is very poorly thought through and in the end it's just absolutely ridiculous with no purpose or substantiality.

I do apologize that I must bash on your build like this but I am in fact infuriated by the ridiculousness of suggesting anyone should try this.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Burning Discharger, it's current state is in fact very overpowered and in every conceivable way better than this Experiment. And no, 5-6 Linked Searing Touch is not a requirement, nor would it magically cost a ton more than a 5-6L Taryn's Shiver.
Freezing Stuff is kind of fun and extremely safe indeed, but for that you could simply play any range based or even totem based build and actually have sustainable dps one way or another.

In light of all this considered, here's my
Build Score

Single Target 1/5 - Weapon Swap back and forth 12873 times for high life mobs? wait for Cold Snap CD?
AoE 2/5 - Discharge does huge AoE Damage no matter what.
Survivability 2/5 - Freezing stuff but no Endurance Charges, no Molten Shell.
Group 1/5 - Freeze will become less frequent with higher monster life.
Solo 2/5 - Very Awkward to play but you can't deny Discharge does damage.
Hardcore Capability 1/5 - Some Freeze, but huge lack of survivability for anything late-game.

Build Score 1.5/5 would not play

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I've only played a day or so its not the complete and polished build everyone thought it was and I'm sorry and I apologize whole heartedly I finally got this character to 68 after much procrastination and was excited about it and wanted to share. There are still several things to be worked out but I have no doubt it will work. I will re-post again when I'm in higher maps and I will post a detailed video with commentary and actual footage rather than a forum post. I do appreciate the bash though will help me focus on the downsides of my "swag" build
Hating on a build for being original and not using a cookiecutter build from someone else is not what Path of Exile is about.

Good effort on the build, let us know how it turns out around 80+ Flore1nr
IGN: Bravo
Ok wow, on the one hand you have a lot of valid points as to why this build can be better. Unfortunately you fail to follow through by giving some constructive criticism to go with the bashing.

I like the idea behind the build. First there was the lightning discharger, which was mighty. Then we saw the burning discharger, able to slaughter with burn damage. Now we have the third and final discharger, the frost based discharge. Thing is the build is focused around blood rage to generate charges, which is brilliant. That skill is also used by lightning and burning discharges if they use chaos inoculation.

If there is a weakness to the idea behind this build, it's that the build tries too hard to only use cold damage. Combine this with the circuitous path through the skill tree and it's not as effective as it could be.

My first thought on watching the video is why not use cold to fire and elemental proliferation. You have tons of cold damage. With a bit of crit chance you could be proliferating burns which would finish off many of those monsters you don't quite kill.

The suggestion to use enduring cry is a good one. You have 6-7 frenzy charges, the fire part won't show so much. And it would help the initial charge generation without destroying your flavor. The strength of discharge is being able to use as many charges as you can. Focus on frenzy charges, but don't just ignore the others. Every bit helps your damage.

I feel that you had quite a bit of trouble one or two shotting monsters in Lunaris 3. It may help to focus on critical damage. You have vaal pact so with capped resists you should be able to do quite a bit of damage without one shotting yourself. I did the math a while back and you should be able to survive 20-25k damage with 75% resists and a high level life leech gem. Don't be afraid to push for crits. Look at what ghudda did when he focused on crit. You don't have to go that far, but it is a good example.

Running all the way down to unwavering stance and iron reflexes burn quite a few points. You head down there anyway for the frenzy charge, but I feel there must be a better way to do it.

And what the hell is wrong with switching to a bow to generate frenzy charges? It's not like you can link 'frenzy charge on crit' to a spell or something.

A cold based discharger is the most difficult one to make. Almost any ci discharger is going to run blood rage anyway. So what is it that differentiates this build? What makes it stand out beyond just being focused on cold?

Overall I like it. I just think it needs a lot of fine tuning.
Last edited by zGhostz on Aug 17, 2013 1:11:01 AM
you cant use conc effect on discharge no matter what element of it you're doing as it'll up the dmg by so much that any -max reflect pack is gonna kill you.
Tons of questions, sorry!

Can you post your gear? Also, would this be possible without CI and with Shavs? You see, I got pretty good gear already (here, scroll down a bit) and this build sounds interesting, kind of going in the same direction as the elemental hit one. Perm freeze is probably the best way to deal with Temple Piety and other endgame bosses that just hit like a truck.
Hello darkness my old friend..
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Fite is right. It won't work. He's not bashing he's saving you the time and currency investment that you're gonna throw into a character that won't work out well.

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