massive giveaway

can i get a pair of facebreakers :), always wanted to try out a pair!
edit: nm, wrong league :D
ign: atkhelicopter
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to make it in game.. my name is OkeTheDoke... sorry im on US servers only.
Heres my HC stuff. its not everything.. so if you need something specific just ask.

daggers+ wands + shields

950+ facebreakers
wurms molt
perandus blazon

will pay some currency incase u come back -- sent a pme in-game but got no response!

(saw this on reddit)
edit: accidental double post
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I'd love to have some faebreakers, any of them, give me a reason to do a build besides witch. Also the slither pinch gauntlets would be awesome, thanks a lot :D add my chars SaintGreen or Broncaholic
957 facebreakers

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