2 Caster mainhand items

I'm not sure what these would go for. I've been using this wand to level for a while now until I recently bought myself a Divinarius. Though I can't really tell if the Divinarius is that much better:

This is an ilvl 79 dagger that I've stupidly tried to craft but decided to stop after researching a bit more about the horrible RNG. It's only been alt'd + regal'd, so the 3 mods are spell crit, spell dmg + mana and +INT:

Thanks in advance for the help.
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IGN Salleka
Divinarius is better ofc ( beter spell to begin with )

wand : no cast speed = its like a dagger.

~66 spell and ~80 crit, divinarius go for 1 ex so this one goes for 40% of its price ( -50% because it lack the unique mod and -10% because less crit )? Meh try 6 gcp


great crit spell and low spell

i bought an insane crit spell dagger in the past ( 180+ spell ) for 5 chaos but it was a good deal and he did not want to let his item sleep forever in his stash.

maybe : 7 chaos ?

Please tell me how much did you sell the rares if you do, by Pm please ( i need informations to become better) note : include link to this thread. THX
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