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[1.0.5] - Lvl 100 - Blastrophe's LA / Frenzy Life Based Crit Ranger w Video (Lioneyes or Voltaxic)



So I have been asked by a few friends of mine to release a guide for my build. A build I tried at level 91 for no good reason because I was playing a low life freeze pulse build. Reflect was my number one issue with crit on LA or on anything to be honest. No worries tho now that I am level 100 I figured out ways around that without hurting damage output.

Let me be clear that I do in fact have almost perfect gear for this build but that doesn't mean it won't work for you either! I also have Kaoms but that doesn't mean you can't use something else until you have one.

Before continuing I will showcase my gear so you know what kind of stats you should be looking for on gear when attempting this build!


THE TAMING Unique Prismatic Ring : With the addition to this ring I just HAD to get one for this build. It basically grants you 30% Elemental Damage and an additional 40% increased damage essentially. With crit you instantly apply status ailments which means if you have a fair amount of fire damage no matter what you will ignite the enemy meaning that you get an extra 10% damage and as you know you can shock an enemy a total of 3 times which future multiplies your damage by another 30%. If you are fortunate enough to get purchase one do so because this ring is AWESOME.

for reference.

Headhunter Leather Belt : I don't know why it took me this long to add this but this belt is insanely strong for this build especially if you are using the BM passive. It works great because I don't use auras. The bad part about it is that its unusable in ele weakness maps UNLESS you have INSANE RESIST GEAR. The main stat on the belt that caught my attention was the extra damage to rares and you gain their mods for 20 seconds. Its AWESOME!!!!

for reference.


Gameplay Video

Strand Clear - Lioneyes

Gorge Clear - Minus Max 23% - Reflect Ele - Lioneyes

Voltaxic Rift vs Ele Reflect

Voltaxic Rift vs Ele Reflect + Minus Max 21

No Aura - Solo 75 Map


Screen Shots

Frenzy Solo

Frenzy Full Auras ~ Party Play

Lightning Arrow Solo - Life Leech + WED

Lightning Arrow Full Auras ~ Party Play


* Endgame requires atleast a Kaoms for survivability. *

Pros / Cons

Pros : Reflect isn't an issue unless you are blind or insanely tired. 6L is never required unless you are looking for more survivability by using life gain on hit along side life leech. 6L is not a must for this build unless you seek surviability. // With Voltaxic : Reflect isn't an issue unless you stack elemental damages besides lightning and use WED it can still possibly kill you in minus max maps but when couples with Life Leech and LGoH it doesn't hurt... at all.

Cons : Being maxed in ele weakness gets a little tough because of the lack of purity. Thorns is OP. Physical Reflect with Vulnerability is really hard even with blackgleam to lessen physical damage output. // With Voltaxic : Chaos resist bosses become a slight problem but with Critical Weakness they still don't stand a chance. With the change to auras in 1.0 it seems to me that it isn't worth running auras anymore which means group play boosts this build ALOT.


Current Passive Skill Tree

Bandits : Power Charge & 8% IAS.

Lioneyes / pDPS Bow Version of Build


How I tackle reflect!

I don't. I simply just switch out my Lightning Arrow with my second Frenzy so that I don't have 50% of my physical damage converted to lightning. This allows me to play ele reflect maps with ease only with minus max maps do I have to take it some what easy or just take off chain. For physical reflect maps I use black gleam because my single target frenzy has an insane amount of physical damage if I don't.

Currently using the new unique bow so ele reflect or physical reflect aren't a problem :D

TL;DR : Switch LA out to Frenzy AoE in Ele Reflect - Blackgleam for Physical Reflect.

Bandit Rewards

I decided to kill them all because of the flexibility behind it. If you choose to take rewards I would choose Life in Normal because its your best option. In cruel I would choose to take a passive point unless you are going to lack DPS from gear or from your tree.
Merciless the obvious charge to get would be the frenzy but with 6 already on your tree and only 1 of each other charge at your disposal I would think long and hard before you choose that frenzy charge. If you lack crit chance take the power charge if you lack survivabilty take the endurance.

UPDATE : Ended up respecing bandits for IAS and Power Charge.

TL;DR : Life - Skillpoint or Physical Damage - Up to you.

Utilities etc

Boots : Ice Spear - Faster Casting - Power Charge on Crit - GMP

Helm : Crit Weakness - Faster Casting - Enduring Cry - Temporal Chains

Why I chose Lightning Arrow

I chose Lightning Arrow for my crit bow build because no other skill does as much damage as it with crit. You crit on one you crit on all and with lightning arrows insane chain ability its just perfect. Shock stacks OP.

Linking Frenzy and Lightning Arrow

Frenzy : With frenzy its best to have alot of crit multi so you can do absurd damage to chaos resistant bosses etc. You would want to use Life Leech to sustain the attack and Weapon Elemental Damage to increase damage insanely high when you are next to a group member with auras or if you are using voltaxic the lightning damage will be scaled very nicely. Your next link would be Increased Crit Damage so that you can again do very high damage when criting a rare or unique monster.

Lightning Arrow : With a Lightning arrow on a five link you would use Life Gain on Hit - Weapon Elemental Damage - LMP and Chain. On a 6L you would simply just add Faster Attacks which is a very nice bonus for kiting speed and clear speed!


Seething Life Flasks... more like Saviour life flasks. These are hands down the main reason I don't die in certain situations. Instant recovery 6 times with herbalism is AWESOME. With the amount of killing this build does your granite flask and diamond flasks should be perpetual for the increased recovery rate. The quicksilver flask is pretty generic as its just ample with adrenaline like most others.

Imperial Rare Bow vs Lioneyes vs Voltaxic Rift

Achieving higher critical strike percent is obviously easier with a rare bow you could obviously achieve higher damage aswell. Problem with rare bows is that you wont hit 100% of the time. On top of that you need to invest skill points into % accuracy nodes or even maybe +acc on gear. Voltaxic Rift on the other hand doesn't hit 100% of the time either BUT reflect will never be an issue. Basically all of our elemental damage comes from lightning so this bow is insanely good because it converts all that damage into chaos damage. It also gives us the chance to use WED on a 6L because of it.

TL;DR : Lioneyes if you can't be bothered with accuracy or Imperials if you can and want to achieve higher critical strike chance and possibly more DPS (more dps isn't always a good thing with this build). If you die to reflect alot invest in a Voltaxic Rift.


Before going crit you need to position yourself for it. You level with a normal lightning arrow no crit and start to pick up crit passives after level 60-70. Try and get to blood magic when you blood pool can sustain it(3k+). I recommend using Slitherpinch unique gloves with mind drinker passive right outside the shadow tree for extra mana leech. This would require you to use a physical based skill such as split arrow or frenzy single target and another linked with LMP. AoE 4L should consist of Frenzy + Wed + LMP + Life Leech. Prior to crit your single target should consist of Frenzy + Wed + Faster Attacks + Life Leech. (Crit phase would use Power Charge on Crit instead of Faster Attacks)

Level 1-40

Level 40-80

Level 80-117

I left 2 points empty in the final build just incase some wanted to take bandit rewards. Obviously not many people will reach this point but you can be the judge of which points you want to commit to first etc. The damage you do is scaled mostly by your critical strike chance and multiplier. It is also scaled well by weapon elemental damage bonuses on gear. Attack speed isn't something I aim for as much because of Frenzy on 20% quality with 6 or 7 charges.


Regardless to having hard counters to map mod reflect this build CAN still kill you. If your playing solo don't randomly shoot into rare packs or try and off screen to much because of in map reflect mobs you haven't prepared for. I also don't recommend using Frenzy over Lightning Arrow outside of ele reflect maps because physical damage reduction on this build will mitigate less damage than max resistances would on LA against a reflect pack.

Other info coming soon! If you have any questions you can post them in the thread or PM me in game.

Previous Quiver sold for 10ex keeping it here to look back on it. #2 Quiver used also up for sale.

Shadow LA/Frenzy Crit Guide : || Best Life Belt on PoE for Mirror :
IGN : Blastrophe
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Shadow LA/Frenzy Crit Guide : || Best Life Belt on PoE for Mirror :
IGN : Blastrophe
Shadow LA/Frenzy Crit Guide : || Best Life Belt on PoE for Mirror :
IGN : Blastrophe
Build doesn't seem to be getting much attention. Kinda a shame, Running with Blast in maps and he rips through everything, he's easily the strongest one in our groups.I switched over to his build at level 98 and I'm loving it!
always got my nike socks on just incase any of you fucks needa get DUNKED on.

when I use to ball hard :
That's because most of the discussion happens on the Shadow forums side.
How to make a build:
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can you link ur gears and skill gems?
kylian wrote:
can you link ur gears and skill gems?

if you did read
Master 8: All
CyclERa 93 TS/Puncture, CyclEWS 89 LL-ST
thread /463641 GMT+8
kylian wrote:
can you link ur gears and skill gems?

Click on the first spoiler.
Shadow LA/Frenzy Crit Guide : || Best Life Belt on PoE for Mirror :
IGN : Blastrophe
the crit with LA is insane !
peebs123 wrote:
the crit with LA is insane !

Yea it works great. Triple shock stack ezpz :D
Shadow LA/Frenzy Crit Guide : || Best Life Belt on PoE for Mirror :
IGN : Blastrophe

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