Season Three, Event 56: Descent

This is a Signature Event. The top three experience value records across all signature races for each class wins an alternate art Demigod's Stride at season end.

Signature Events this season will be a new type of league called Descent, you are able to find out information regarding this new league type at this page.

For information about Race Season Three, please check out this announcement!

To see your points in the current season (and its prizes), go to this page.

Top Prizes:

The overall top player by experience will receive 3 Reward Points.

The top 20 players of each class by experience will receive:
  • #1 player of each class: 10 Reward Points
  • #2 player of each class: 6 Reward Points
  • #3 player of each class: 5 Reward Points
  • #4 player of each class: 4 Reward Points
  • #5 player of each class: 3 Reward Points
  • #6-10 player of each class: 2 Reward Points
  • #11-20 player of each class: 1 Reward Point

Prizes for reaching specific levels:
  • Level 25: 10 Reward Points
  • Level 22-24: 7 Reward Points
  • Level 19-21: 6 Reward Points
  • Level 16-18: 5 Reward Points
  • Level 13-15: 4 Reward Points
  • Level 10-12: 3 Reward Points
  • Level 7-9: 1 Reward Point
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Descent End-of-Zone Chest Rewards by Greendude:
Basics of how to play (by Malice):
Walkthrough for Act I and II (by KrapnoV) :
Mechanics - how the game works (by Malice) :
Crafting Guide (by Invalesco) :
Mechanics videos (by Eztheal) :
Singakiwi wrote:
Descent End-of-Zone Chest Rewards by Greendude:

:) <3
IGN: @GreenDude
Rhoas double desyncing (yes it's apparently a thing), desync that you can't /oos out of, casually walking by something? You know it... desync.
In light of this well functioning code, let's cram as many packs into 1 to 2 tile wide areas as we can!

Got chain frozen :/ Nova, Dual Strike, ground slam. I was doing so well.
I've died in the Frozen Abyss in all of the Descent races I've done as anything but the ranger... QQ lol
No wisdom scroll drops until level 7. Sitting on unid shortbow, unid coral amulet, unid rare gloves, unid rare torso while derping along with the starting crude bow and an iron ring in the goat area.

Reach ruins late, see rare grappler, kill everything around him with rain, wait, attack him from range. He somehow still has 2 charges- which i cant see since hes hidden behind a wall- races in as hes extra fast and 1-shots me from full life with discharge.

Oh and im still sitting on unid rare gloves and unid rare torso because wisdoms just arent dropping.

Mode is pure unbalanced randomness atm and needs a ton of fixing to be seriously competitive. Yet another case of a great idea wrecked with terrible implimentation.

Tons of feedback in the race/event forum btw, with next to no responses.

Till next time.
IGN: KoTao
Got one shotted at lvl 16 as marauder with all of mara's starting life nodes by a WHITE discharger with only 2 power charges...

Got my "perfect" items, but found the emptiest skeleton zone and then smallest forbidden ruin zone (nearly full cleared both) and ended up severely underleveled. Blue mob density in ribbons was great but I was too diminished to catch up
Died 10 seconds before league ended to a mob of champion dischargers. Ranked 53

IGN: BladesOfTerror Dual Wield Wild Strike ~~ WTB Soul Taker!!~~
Mehbands League

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