Best Low life spec ? Spark / Freeze Pulse for MF-ing

What spec would be better MF-ing purpose ? dual totem Spark or FP ? with very minimum ES, high rarity, resist capped.

With my current gear and lvl, apparently i'm stuck with farming on dock all the time. Could go to lunaris 2-3 but its really painful, because the stun from tentacles. So, right now i'm considering if i should move my build into dual totem - spark ? Would it better than FP ?

Current Gear:


Tooltips Dps FP: 1981
Low life - 2881 ES; resist 76 72 78 with aura up
iiQ 20
iiR + gem 412

Also, what is good balance number for iiQ & iiR ? Thanks

Any advice or input would be appreciated

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