0.10.8b Patch Notes and Other News

Australian gateway: Will enter testing tomorrow. Initially we want just a few people testing it so we won't be spreading the info far, so it won't be posted to the news but one of the general forums. Once we know it works then we'll order more capacity and add it as an option on the login screen.

New supporter packs: Will be announced soon! Days away?

0.11.0 Patch: Still on target for May 29. Has secret awesomeness.

Act3X/Release: Aiming for very late September or early October. Purposefully around four months after 0.11.0 is deployed.

New GGG office: Still in negotiation. May sign a lease in the next week.
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Good News :D
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Awesome stuff. Australian gateway you legends!
iinet adsl 2+ Sydney - if you need some testing from here :)

btw supporter packs better not have any kiwis in em *shakes fist* lol
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Australian! yay!
Melbourne cable user here.

Putting my hand up to help with the new gateway testing if needed.
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This secret awesomeness has me on edge haha
Yeah, Chris this secret awesomeness thing is like painfully making me wonder.. :(
"New GGG Office"
Looks like i'll be upgrading my supporter-pack once again :)
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crisis solved.
Thanks so much for this. We tend to get ignored down here :(

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